Love and Support of a Husband, Mother & Doula {Twins}

This was during labor of my twins. My husband is an AMAZING birth partner and support. I just love how much he loves me and it shows in this picture! My mother is also in the picture. She has been my doula through 5 of my births.

I also had a doula name Lizzie Elliot. She snapped a few pics between massaging, holding me, and guiding me through contractions.  I know that having the support and love during my labor is one of the main factors in my short and beautiful natural births.

My husband and I about 30 min after the twins were born, still in the OR. They were born perfect at 36 weeks with no NICU or any interventions for them at all!

natural twin birth

It really was one of my crowning moments! Even though I had a hospital birth and had to deliver in the OR, I really felt that I got to labor the way I needed to have the twins so quickly and drug free.  The OB we used is the on call doctor for the midwife I had used in the past.  He was very hands off and even told the nurses to let me “do my thing”!!  I was even able to love on baby A for about 15 min skin to skin before I had to push out baby B!

Here is our family! {Claudia}


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