{BWF Self Love Project}

I decided to start a project. Something similar to our {I Am Strong} posts that we share on the blog and Facebook. What’s fun about this is it will be specifically for our Instagram.

{BWF Self Love Project}

We are encouraging mothers to take a step back, stop that negative self talk, and love who they are in the moment.


I took this candid shot of myself recently. At the time, I was hating myself and trying to take a picture that would show how awful I looked. I had been crying and was exhausted. Instead of looking at it and hating myself even more, in that moment my camera showed me what I was not seeing.

Staying true to loving me as me…here is a completely untouched, original picture right from my iPhone camera (with only a watermark added).

january harshe raw unaltered selflove pic wm

I have noticed that the more open and honest I am with my struggles as a woman, that almost all women feel the same on some level. It hurts me deeply that most women are so critical of themselves. I want us to change the view we have on ourselves and that the world has on us as well. I want us to change one picture, one mama, one day at a time.

If you are not following us on Instagram, now is the time! Tag us #birthwithoutfear and #bwfselflove with your pictures.


  • kate

    I love this idea, and what struck me was, often we don’t see the beauty in ourselves, our children see it, they see it all the time, just as we see their magnificence. I can’t imagine ever trying to take a photo of my child when she was at her lowest to demonstrate to her how awful she is…..that just wouldn’t make sense to me. When our kids are feeling low, we can remind them of who they really are, that they don’t have to do anything, simply being is enough, and that they are beautiful. We do it for them all the time, and they learn best by seeing us do it for ourselves. Sometimes when I’m feeling low, I find it helps to remind myself of how I would treat my child, usually I would hold her, listen to her cries and frustration, breath with her, love her and remind her that everything is ok. This is what I try to do for myself. See you on instagram beauties !

  • josephine

    I am 37 weeks. I want to thank you for posting this project. Often times i look in the mirror and i dont know who i am looking at. There is a lot of doubts on if i can do this mommy job properly. It touches me with the support you give through this blog. Thank you so much. It give me that lift when i need it. Josephine

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