The Beginnings of a Beautiful Friendship {Breastfeeding Journey}

I wanted so badly to breastfeed. My whole pregnancy that was what I researched most. I took classes and watched videos online- all to prepared to be disappointed. My mother couldn’t breastfeed and neither could hers. I have inverted nipples and would tell myself daily you will not give up- you will give it all you have, and than some.

February 7th baby T was born. I instructed the nurses that I didn’t want him to have a pacifier and I wanted him immediately after birth. After 17 hrs of labor I laid him on my chest and gladly welcomed the lactation consultants help. He wouldn’t latch right, and he sucked with his bottom gum, making it painfully sore. Instantly my nipples cracked, and bleed . I fed him on demand, quite frequently, and every time I wanted to cry- sometimes I would, we both did. My entire nipple was scabbed over and each time he latched my nipple would protrude it would crack open. I eventually had to stop nursing on one side , but I still would not give up.

Three weeks of this and telling myself it will get better, and it did, my baby is 2 months old this last Thursday and feel like we’re breastfeeding superstars! I knew what was best for my baby and I’m so glad I persevered.

birth photography

10 minutes old


2 days old

breastfeed without fear

2 months old- I love when he looks up at me! Favorite bonding time! Just another reassurance I made the right choice!

-Bailey S.


  • Carol

    Bailey, this is exactly how it was for me with 3 of my 4 babies. It was so exceedingly painful to nurse….”sore” nipples didn’t begin to explain the pain of nursing. But at 6 weeks, it seemed like overnight things changed. I believe that prior to that time, the babies sucked on their lower gum as you said…..they weren’t turning out the lower lip. I don’t know what changed at 6 weeks of age, but with each baby the pain subsided at that time.

    My 4th baby was different….she couldn’t latch at all. For the first 2 weeks I fed her breastmilk via dropper and syringe. I didn’t want her to get hooked on a rubber nipple. Finally a lactation consultant told me to get the largest Nuk nipple available (toddler size) in order to teach her how to suck. I was to wedge that nipple in her mouth and get the whole bulb part in her mouth. I did that and by the end of the 2nd day, she could latch on my breast. She also knew how to suck properly and I didn’t go through the pain that I had with the first 3 babies. It was amazing.

    Best wishes to you as you nurse your wonderful baby!

  • Veronica Templeton

    That is so awesome!! Congrats and keep it up! I know how it feels to have a hard time latching and breast feeding. I have flat nipples. When I asked for help getting my daughter to latch on in the hospital, the nurse brought me a pump (great help! – NOT). The lactation consultant wasn’t there when I asked for help and none of the nurses acted like they had time. After 3 weeks of pumping and being miserable, my mom came over and (pardon the verbiage) shoved as much of my nipple and areola in my daughter’s mouth as she could. From then on, we had it down. 😀 Never give up and get as much help as possible. This time, nothing is gonna stop me.

  • jojo

    you are an inspiring woman. we forget we are mammals , the choice you made will effect him forever , congratulations xxx

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