A Simple Hospital Birth {Baby Waits for Daddy}

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On October 17th around midnight, I began having what I thought were mild braxton hicks type contractions. I was able to sleep through them. Hours later as I waited for his father to return home from his family visit (not without complications of course), my contractions came and went as though they weren’t real.

Daddy got on his plane at 5:00 pm Monday evening to return to us. Thirty minutes later after his take off, my contractions suddenly changed. They didn’t get closer together, but they started to hurt. His dad landed an hour after take off, and I let him know about the change in pain.

During this time, I went to the bathroom and had my bloody show. We went to the hospital after that as we just knew we needed to go. Hours of being in the hospital, in a gruesome amount of pain and getting in and out of the shower, I requested to get into the bath. After 45 minutes in the tub, I delivered my son 100% natural!

We delayed cord clamping as discussed by the BWF community. I was able to nurse him following delivery as well. Our son weighed 5 lbs. 12 oz. and was 19 in. long. Had I not followed the BWF blog, I don’t think I would have had such a beautiful labor and delivery. I was very lucky to have this labor compared to last two births! Thank you all a ton! ~Ariel

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  • Rachelle

    Reminds me of my first birth. I had been in Canada 2 months, and my husband arrived from Brazil 10 days before EDD. We spend all day visiting friends and family 2 hours away from home. Once we got home, we barely settled in bed when my water broke, and baby was born around 4 hours later. She was just waiting for dad to get there!

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