Positive and Powerful Birth, Support Makes the Difference

Sailor is my 4th daughter (Harper is 6, London is 5 and Dempsey is 3) and I can honestly say it was the first pregnancy I was scared of, I used to be the one trying to calm friends fears.  This time my fear was real and it consumed me.  I’d suffered miscarriages before and a PPH with Dempsey so there were valid reasons why I felt the way I did but it scared me that I couldn’t get past it on my own.

Falling pregnant with Sailor took us by surprise and because of that I was convinced that something was going to take her away from us.  If I didn’t constantly feel her move or if I saw even a spot of blood my heart stopped and the tears flowed.  She was my little miracle and nothing could change my way of thinking… that was until I found BWF and 2 girlfriends who supported me more than I could of ever thought possible.  My husband was an amazing support but couldn’t quite understand why I felt the way I did and why I couldn’t forget about it.

One of my girlfriends became not only my pregnancy support but also our Birthing Support, maternity/birthing/newborn photographer and is soon to be Sailors god-mama.

Her birth was the most amazing, powerful, positive and emotional experience I have ever had, despite it ending up as a medically intervened hospital birth (and suffering a traumatic 4th stage resulting in being rushed to theatre) I’m still working on my birth story and hope to start a mini-blog very soon. I was strong, I was in control, and I was loved and supported. Our midwives sat on the floor with me as I labored, listened to music with us, gently smiled and told me how wonderfully I was doing throughout my long labor. I burnt oils, had crystals, positive affirmations playing, a book full of blessings from family and friends and a gorgeous framed photo of our girls all with me.

I strongly believe that without BWF and my 2 dear friends I would not have survived the fear. Why…because there is so much negativity about birthing around.  The moment someone realizes you are pregnant they are quick to tell you their horror stories instead of empowering you! It’s a sisterhood and 1 I now feel strongly about.

I honestly cannot put into words how much your page has empowered and inspired me… I am going forth from this amazing experience to “spread the word” so to speak. I am in the initial stages of following my heart into a new career involving birth doula and childbirth educating.  I dream of one day sharing the Birth Without Fear sisterhood with Australia, however that may become possible.

Fear no longer consumed me; it pushes me forward to help other mummas achieve beautiful birthing experiences – no matter how they choose to birth!

Sailor 2 Sailor 1

Sailor 3 Sailor 4

{Pictures are courtesy of http://www.evokeartphotography.com.au/  https://www.facebook.com/evokeartphotography?ref=ts&fref=ts}

{You can view my birth slide show at: http://evokeartphotography.com.au/blog/index.php/pregnancy/perth-newborn-baby-photographer-the-birth-of-sailor-lucia-rose/}

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  • Agrish

    So when you speak of these mothers who tell you their horror stories, were they telling you with only that information or were they telling them to you then following it with reasons not to do what they did?

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