My Twins a Birth and Post Partum Story {Birth Without Fear}

My name is Kayla, I’m 22 and these are my twin boys, Braxtyn and Blaize.

twin baby bump

I found out at 8 weeks I was pregnant with twins, which I was overjoyed about as I’d always wanted twins! I had some spotting at around 16 weeks, but ultrasounds and blood tests showed up all normal, and we found out we were having two precious little boys!

At 27 weeks I was put in the hospital for 3 days because they were concerned that Twin B wasn’t growing as he should have been, after further testing and steroid shots everything turned out to be completely normal. From then on I had a scan every week just to make sure they were both growing and getting enough through there umbilical cords.

On the 8th May 2012, at 37+3, I was induced and by 2:30 both of my boys had been born! Blaize (Twin B) had to be resuscitated as soon as he was born, I got a quick kiss and he was whisked off to the special care nursery. As it turned out he had swallowed some fluid on his entrance into the world. After 3 days Braxtyn (Twin A) and I were allowed to go home, but Blaize had slowly become worse and was on CPAP machine.

twin babies

The day Braxtyn and Blaize made their entrance into the world! Weighed 6lb 3oz (Braxtyn) and 6lb 1oz (Blaize)

We lived 30mins away from the hospital, and I didn’t have my license and my partner worked, so we went in every night and visited Blaize. I also took breast milk I was pumping for him. After 10 long days he was finally able to come home and make our family completed!

Then when the boys were 8 weeks old they were hospitalised with RSV bronchiolitis. Braxtyn was much worse and was put straight onto a CPAP machine and drips; they said he almost had blood poisoning as well. Blaize wasn’t so bad and was put on a drip just in case.

I went outside to let family members know what was happening, and as I walked back in I saw about 20 doctors all around Braxtyn’s bed. He had all sorts of monitors hooked up to his chest. As I had gone outside, his heart rate had jumped up to over 200 bpm.

They thought it may have been a one off but he was still very sick so he was under 24/7 care, and had a nurse with him every second of the day.

Blaize and I stayed the night, and woke up to doctors rushing around. Braxtyn had had another episode with his heart, and it was decided he would be taken straight to another hospital over an hour away! So Blaize stayed with my Mum, my partner and I went to the hospital to stay with Braxtyn. He was diagnosed with SVT after the first day and was put on medication, which once it had kicked in, he was fine!

Meanwhile Blaize was put back into the hospital on a drip and oxygen as he had gotten worse as his brother was getting better. Finally after around 2 weeks we were all home again!

The boys are now 15 months old, happy and healthy! Braxtyn was on heart medication until he was 12 months old; he’s now off it and doing great, although he will always have the heart condition. Blaize has gotten RSV back since but luckily never needed to be hospitalised again!

Braxtyn and Blaize have very different personalities! Braxtyn is very full on, always has energy, gets into everything, climbs on everything and always has to have all the attention. Whereas Blaize is so relaxed and always off doing his own thing.


{Braxtyn and Blaize at 6 months old}

I’m still Breastfeeding both my boys, although when they were both in the hospital I practically lost all my supply, but I overcame that and am still going strong!


{All three of our beautiful boys now. Braxtyn, Kingston and Blaize.}

Having twins definitely isn’t easy, but I would not change Braxtyn and Blaize, or their older brother, Kingston, for the world!

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