The Healing Home Birth of Baby Lucas

The birth of my first son was in a hospital. I like to say nothing traumatic happened to me to make me question the way I gave birth and to seek out other options, better options, but I feel now that I was in denial. I cried for weeks after his birth feeling guilty for some of the decisions made during his birth and how they affected my son during and after birth.

For example, I was given an episiotomy without my knowledge let alone my permission; I felt rushed and bossed around; I felt like after 20 minutes of pushing, the vacuum assisted birth was my last resort before a c-section. I felt like such a horrible mother for not asking more questions and being more informed.

This led me to research birth and the options a woman has during such a special and beautiful time in her life. I got my hands on The Business of Being Born and Pregnant in America. I was sold immediately. I got my husband on board easily by having him watch the same things and he agreed that we would never birth in a hospital again if we didn’t need to! Praise God I have an understanding husband who kept an open mind!

That brings me to the birth story of my second son, Lucas Ray Woolf. I woke up in the morning at 5:30 when Robert’s alarm for work went off. We lay there in bed just talking and avoiding the reality that he needed to go to work and that I was STILL pregnant. I was only 39 weeks but had been dilated to a 3 since 37 weeks and had been working really hard to naturally get labor going.

I was just done being pregnant at this point. I had been uncomfortable for a solid week and was just ready. I had gotten up to pee and climbed back in bed. 6am rolled around and I had a strong contraction that lasted a good while. A few minutes later a second contraction took over my body. I told Robert that I just had two contractions and that they were stronger than my previous ones. I had experienced a couple series of contractions in the previous weeks but they were never strong enough and never stayed consistent enough. At this point Robert said he would wait around a little while and just go into work a little late.

I hopped in the shower to see if it would calm things down or if it would help kick things into gear. Well let me tell you…it kicked things into gear almost instantly! I called for Robert to come into the bathroom and continue timing the contractions. They were oh so strong and oh so close together. They were never more than 5 minutes apart and never shorter than a minute long

I was pretty sure this was it but I wanted to be 100% positive so I got out of the shower and started doing my hair and makeup…yes makeup . I was having to stop and breathe my way through each contraction making it very difficult trying to finish my task. This was it. I knew it. I told Robert to call the midwife…this was at 6:57am…then he called our friend to come get Ethan.

I started letting people know I was in labor…my mom, mother in law and some close friends. Robert went and woke Ethan up and packed up his bag. I was only able to say a quick good morning and goodbye to my sweet boy as my contractions were too strong for me to really contain myself in front of him. I knew the next time would see him he would be a big brother and he wouldn’t be the little baby I thought of him as.

Once Robert got Ethan sent on his way, he got straight to providing the birth atmosphere we had planned: bright lights off, twinkle lights on, jasmine oil in the diffuser, Peace & Calming and Valor Essential Oils on my neck and my birthing music playing.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for this man. He was so patient with me and understanding…even when I yelled at him…it was only twice and I apologized quickly each time. The contractions at this point were just so awful…and I mean AWFUL!!! I didn’t know what positions helped most if at all. I recalled birthing videos of women being so calm and quiet and envied their control.

Then I remembered the tub! I wanted to labor in the tub and have heard such wonderful stories about it! Robert got the water going for me as I got undressed and plopped myself in the tub. I did not receive that instant relief I hear about but did notice a slight increase in comfort.

I labored in the tub for roughly an hour yelling and screaming through the pain. We share a wall with our neighbors and could hear the dogs whining after I screamed. Looking back, I really hope and pray the neighbors weren’t home listening to me labor!

Anywho, I couldn’t find a position that worked for me so I got out of the tub and put my cute night gown back on. I kept telling Robert that I couldn’t do this, there was no way I could do this and I didn’t want to anymore. I cried to him asking where the midwives were and he said they were almost here.

I made my way back to our room where I needed Robert to lean on through the pain. I needed to pray. I was starting to get beat down…I needed to be done with the constant pain and hardly any time to recoup. Robert held onto me as he prayed for me out loud…oh how I love him.

We checked the time…8:33. I asked Robert to call the midwives again…I needed them…for what I was not totally sure. It’s not like they had drugs or any magic to make the pain go away but I felt like they did. When he got through to them they were getting off the exit and would be there in less than 5 minutes.

Ok…I could do this…they were almost there and could take control of this situation and tell me what to do to help the pain.

I was mid contraction when I felt the comforting touch of one of my favorite midwives, Becky. She just stood there listening to me get myself through the contraction. After it had passed she asked if I felt like pushing to which I said I have no idea…it just hurts…that’s all I know.

Darcy, my other favorite midwife came in with the supplies and quickly grabbed out a few basics so they could check me. 10 centimeters, 100% effaced and +2 station…aka go time!

Becky and Darcy finished setting up and I climbed on the bed trying to find a position that worked for me. I started out on my hands and knees. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be pushing or not. I didn’t really feel the urge to push but I had noticed a change in my contractions a while ago. It was a sharper more direct pain…

I was ready to push but I was preventing myself from doing so. With the next contraction Becky advised that I push into the pain. Relief…a weird painful relief if that makes any sense. I needed to push more. Next contraction…puuuuuuush!

I tried a couple more like this, each time the midwife applying oil to prevent any tearing. Becky decided that Lucas’ head was getting stuck behind my pubic bone and that maybe it was a good idea to roll over onto my back. Robert laid behind my back so I could be at an angle and keep gravity on my side.

I was asked then if I wanted them to break my water and my reply was, “Yes…whatever it takes to get this to end sooner!” With the next contraction they broke my water. I was ready to get this baby out so I could meet him!

I pushed some more and Lucas was now unstuck. I cannot remember how many times I pushed but I do remember the ring of fire! As soon as I felt that I stopped mid push. Becky explained that was the ring of fire and if I kept pushing my baby boy would soon be here!

I told her I couldn’t do this and she looked me dead in the eye and told me that I kind of had to.

“Ok,” I thought to myself, “the sooner you do this, the harder you push, the sooner this will be over.”

The next push I gave it everything I had with a grunt/scream. I looked down and saw his head!!! Oh my goodness…that’s my baby! Look at what I had done! I really was almost there! The shoulders were next and I felt like that was a small hurdle to overcome! I took a second to breathe and catch my breath…I wasn’t being rushed and told to push with only half a breath and it was so nice.

One last big breath turned into one last big push and one last big scream. At 9:11am, I felt my baby slide out of my body…out of the place I had carried and nurtured him for the previous 10 months.

Immediately he was placed onto my belly as I rested onto my sweet husband. I was done. I looked at my son whom I had just brought into this world in the best way I knew possible…in the comfort and warmth of our home drug free.

I wrapped my arms around my baby boy and told him how much I loved him. In my head I was thinking, “I did it! I did it! I can’t believe I really did this!”

Lucas started whining and making little crying noises. Perfect. Sweet perfect cries from a tiny little miracle. He made his way to my breast where he had no problem latching…an issue we had with my previous son likely from the interventions.

We left Lucas attached to his cord for 7 minutes until it stopped pulsing ensuring he received all his blood. Robert was able to cut the cord of course. I was in heaven with my husband right next to me and my new baby warming up on my chest.

I looked at my husband who had tears in eyes and I just lost it. I cried. I cried tears of joy, happiness, satisfaction. Tears that were in awe of the strength I had to do what I had just done and with a husband whom I loved so much and supported me in a way no one else could. He was my rock.

The placenta was taking a little longer than we liked to come out so Darcy gave me a shot of Pitocin…NOT a fun shot at all. Within minutes and a small push I delivered my placenta intact. For the next hour, the midwives checked on me and baby every 15 minutes. We were doing great. He was nursing like a champ. As tired and hungry as I was, I just soaked it all in.

lucas woolf and family

After the first hour the midwives went downstairs to give us some bonding time and to get their paperwork done. Robert was able to get in some skin to skin time when Lucas was done nursing and I rested. We informed our family and friends that it was all over and everyone was doing great.

When the midwives came back upstairs they gave baby Lucas his newborn exam. He weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and measured 20 1⁄2 inches long. He was perfect…just as his birth had been.

robert woolf birth story



{Story and Photos submitted by the Woolf family.}

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  • Angela

    I had Becky and Darcy, too! I LOVE them. Absolutely love them! My last baby (3rd) was born at the midwifery and although I’ve always wanted a home birth, I never had the confidence to go that route until my experience at the midwifery. It was so simple! I’m also grateful that baby came on December 20th so I didn’t have to call the midwives on Christmas or anything haha 😉 Next baby hopefully will be at home!

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