Preparing for PostPartum {BabyList and BWF Giveaway}

Preparing for PostPartum {BabyList and BWF Giveaway}

BabyList has taken baby registry to a whole other level. Instead of being confined to one store, you can make custom registries and add items from multiple places.

Being my sixth baby, I was more focused on the postpartum period (also referred to as the 4th trimester). I’m very glad I did as I had an unplanned cesarean, which is a longer recovery process. The preparations I made have come in handy as well as items I had on hand.

I want mamas to think of themselves as well when thinking of a registry. Here is an example of mine.

BabyList has been generous enough to also do a giveaway to help! Head over to our Instagram (@birthwihtoutfear or @babylist) to enter to win $500 baby gear + an Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper.



7 thoughts on “Preparing for PostPartum {BabyList and BWF Giveaway}

  1. Hello! I’m following both the accounts mentioned on IG but I don’t see a posting about the contest or a link in the profile. Am I missing something?

  2. I follow you both on Instagram, but I couldn’t find the giveaway. Babylist mentioned it in their newsletter this morning. How do I enter? Thanks.

  3. I LOVE this resource for expecting families. It is so much more conducive to the way families seems to be spread out these days. It allows out of town families to order items online and have them shipped as well as a bigger variety of items instead of one store! Can not wait to share this with my clients.

  4. January, always adore your thoughtfulness about empowering mamas and your authenticity! Love your intentionality about the postpartum period. After an unplanned c/s and then a vbac myself, I’m glad to be reminded how important it is to think about postpartum. Wish I’d been so conscious of it before baby #2 came!

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