Adorable and Convenient Fluff {SoftBums Cloth Diapers}

softbumbs cloth dieapers

We have cloth diapered and used disposables. With six kids you end up doing many different things depending on the child, your budget, and where you are in life. With our youngest (beardbaby) we have mostly used sposies just because we are so busy and traveling a lot. But when SoftBums asked us to try their diapers and inserts, including a cute fox print, we couldn’t resist!

Here is what I thought (as a non cloth enthusiasts). When I first opened them up I thought they were way too small and that there had been a mistake. Then I undid the velcro on one and realized it lengthens. I pulled it from each end and literally said, “OH!” as it got bigger. I looked inside to see the ‘cinch’ they have. How cool is that? So easy (and fun) to make the diaper smaller or bigger depending on your baby!

Inserts. This is where I used to get confused (and covers and all the in between). It’s why I used to used prefolds and call it a day. SoftBums took care of me though by sending a few inserts that snap inside the diaper with one easy snap. They also their rad biodegradable disposable inserts. We used the disposable ones during the day and the cloth inserts at night.

softbums cloth diapers

I will say this. They were both great. Neither irritated the baby and both were absorbent. I found myself thinking, “Hmmmm, maybe I could do this cloth thing on a regular basis.” However, as I type this literally surrounded by laundry that needs to be put away, my confidence is slipping away as fast as the attention of a toddler! However, many moms say they actually find out quickly that it’s not a lot of extra work. Just a couple more loads of laundry a week.

All in all, we love them. Really, I wouldn’t say that if we didn’t. Here, I’ll let beardbaby show you herself.

P.S. Cool Fact: 1 diaper a day can save 365 diapers from going into the landfill! That’s rad!

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