Two Of Our Favorite Pregnancy And Birth Videos Ever!

Two Of Our Favorite Pregnancy And Birth Videos Ever!

I originally shared these on the BWF Blog in 2010. They are still two of my favorites!

This first video, I can only share as a link. It is one of the most amazing birth video compilations I have ever seen. I promise that you will not regret watching this inspiring video!

Click on the following link to watch the video:  Partosfrancia (Births France)

This next video is just rad. It is an exceptionally well done computer animated video of conception to birth. It will blow your mind, not to mention the music is great!



23 thoughts on “Two Of Our Favorite Pregnancy And Birth Videos Ever!

  1. that french video is fantastic! i love seeing all those older siblings present. and of course they are calm and in awe and just beautiful. how inspiring!

    unfortunately the animated video is not available to me. i have a german IP address. 🙁

  2. Oh WoW!!! The video was amazing from sperm and egg to all stages to happy baby. Sha I love it Great details!!!

  3. This was really amazing!! I love the body and can not even fathom how amazing it really is! The human body is something to be respected for the capability to grow such extraordinary life!! Thank you!!

  4. I am looking for a video which I though was on this post earlier. On this video a woman was laboring longer “alone” at her home. She was making sounds, mourning, singing, making horse lips, she was really creative on vocalizing. It would be great if you could get this video played again. I think she gave birth by standing.

  5. Awesome! By the way on your 7/5 Find your village post, there is no way to comment, and I just want to say it looks like you’re going to every area of the country except the Northwest…why is that? Portland and Seattle are HUGE supporters of this kind of good stuff!

  6. The all-natural trend seems to be quite hot in Hollywood, doesn’t it? Having experienced two natural births with a midwife myself, I find this group of celebrity moms particularly interesting.

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