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Two Of Our Favorite Pregnancy And Birth Videos Ever!

Two Of Our Favorite Pregnancy And Birth Videos Ever!

I originally shared these on the BWF Blog in 2010. They are still two of my favorites!

This first video, I can only share as a link. It is one of the most amazing birth video compilations I have ever seen. I promise that you will not regret watching this inspiring video!

Click on the following link to watch the video:  Partosfrancia (Births France)

This next video is just rad. It is an exceptionally well done computer animated video of conception to birth. It will blow your mind, not to mention the music is great!



A Few Birth Videos…

A Few Birth Videos…

Karla sent me her birth video and pictures to share with you. So gorgeous and can be found here.

Also, Alison sent me her last two birth videos, both incredibly inspiring!

Here is her first one. It was her 6th baby. She says, “My labor was 43 hours long and I love that these photos captured how much love and support that I had during his home water birth. I am now 38 weeks with #7 and looking forward to another birth day party very soon!”

Her second video was of her 7th baby’s birth. She says, “7th baby was born in February and Ceci did such a great job capturing his siblings anticipation and love.”



2 Videos to Inspire You for Your Birth

2 Videos to Inspire You for Your Birth

I am getting more into watching birth videos as I am somewhere around 30 weeks. This is when my confidence starts building up as I start to focus more on my upcoming birth. Here are a few videos I watched this week that I just love.

This mama used Hypnobabies techniques to trust birth and stay peaceful and calm. She totally gave over to the process!

A BWF mama shared this on the BWF Facebook page. It is gorgeous, raw and beautifully edited. Took my breath away.

4 Great Birth Videos

4 Great Birth Videos

Great raw home birth video!

This video is so great! Pics of mama through pregnancy, her mother’s blessingway, laboring and birthing with her other children present.

I cried when the mama holds her baby for the first time.

OK, just one more. This one is just…rad. I love how the video is done. You can see pics, read more about the birth and the photographer here.

Breech Does NOT Equal C-Section

Breech Does NOT Equal C-Section

I have written before how a breech baby is another variation of normal. Having a breech presentation does not mean you automatically need to schedule a c-section. Remember, our babies are wise and know just how they need to be for birth. Most of the time, babies will turn, even late in pregnancy and labor!!!  You can read my other post for more thoughts, support and ideas here.

I want to share a few breech birth videos for inspiration. My first baby was breech and everyone I talked to said, “Sure, you can have a vaginal breech birth, but if it goes bad, it will do so fast.” Not very encouraging. I had no where to turn to for POSITIVE support. I bet you can guess what happened. I had a c-section. Would I now for a breech presentation? No way. Not automatically. I’d give my body and baby the chance to birth vaginally.

So, if you are finding yourself pregnant with a breech baby that is not turning, you have my support and the support of all the BWF mamas on Facebook!

Edited to add this new video. I can not comment on these techniques as I’m not a midwife or doctor, but it is definitely an very interesting breech birth video! If any OB’s or midwife care to comment, please do.

Another new video to add. An OB attended home birth of a breech baby.

Enjoy these beautiful videos and remember it is YOUR body, YOUR birth, YOUR baby!

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