These Two Beings of My Being

The day was July 6th, 2016. The day before I was in the delivery triage because of a blood pressure spike. Yet, there I was again except and this time my husband was in tow. They strapped me up to the monitor and the echo of two little heart beats were heard in our tiny section of the room.

I went into a panic as I waited patiently for my doctor to give me further instructions, because I was only 36 weeks 3 days, and was told I could make it full term (although for twins I was already there). The doctor came into the room and said, “You’re all healthy, let’s get those babies out of there.” My son was breech, but my daughter was going to get out with or without him.  A rush of excitement and fear came over my body and tears ran down my cheeks.

I thought, “But, my house isn’t finished, and my Glider is still needing to be painted”…so much. My husband left to tell family and friends, leaving me to gather my thoughts. The anesthesiologist came into the room describing what would happen and answering my questions. I advised him that I suffer from claustrophobia and begged him to play Jason Mraz during my c section. When my husband returned I told him to go to the car and get my CD. While he was gone the nurses came and rolled me to the O.R.

From there everything moved so fast. From the feeling of the first needle, to my body going completely numb, to focusing on the lyrics to “Hello, You Beautiful Thing“, to keep from panicking.

And then I heard a cry. It was my son! I yelled to the doctor, “I don’t hear my daughter crying!” I was looking for reassurance and them the slightest cry came from the other side of the room. My husband walked up to me holding two little bundles. Our babies.  Just tears, knowing our little family has just grown by two itty bitty bodies.

hospital birth, c section, cesarean

The anesthesiologist informed me that I was going to fall asleep and I drifted into dreams of our family’s future together. When I arrived in recovery, the first thought that came to mind was, “Where are my babies?” Second, “My tummy is flat…Hehe.” Family and visitors came, but still I wondered where are my minions and why aren’t they here with me?

Then, in rolled the neonatal nurse with two screaming babies. My breasts reacted their sounds and my hospital gown felt the consequences. Seeing them for the first time, it was like heaven opened its gates. I fell in love, instantly. As they both latched on to me I realized my goal in life all along… living for was these two beings of my own being.

twins, hospital birth, c section, cesarean

This is my birth story. It wasn’t natural, vaginal, or painful. It was a blessing all the same.

twins, c section, cesarean, hospital birth
Zoë waiting patiently to be fed the first day
photo by Nicole Glover
photo by Nicole Glover

Submitted by Jemma Watson


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