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Enlighten Thy Neighbor…on Due Dates!

Enlighten Thy Neighbor…on Due Dates!

Jean O’Neil, a Birth Without Fear mama, shared this story with us. I think it demonstrates how to educate people when you start getting comments such as, “You look like you are going to pop!” or “THEY are going to LET you go past your due date?” or “Isn’t that dangerous?”, etc.

So, here is Jean’s enlightening story:

Tomorrow is my ‘due date’ and today I went out shopping with my hubby and children. I ran into an old workmate (male) who questioned when I was due. Having told him he stepped back like I was literally going to “babysplode” all over the floor.

He then asked when I thought I’d have bubs.
I said in 3weeks probably.

Him: “But they won’t let you go over.”
Me: “Who won’t?”
Him: “Your Doctors or the hospital.”
Me: *Scoff* “No Doctor will tell me when to birth my baby.”
Him: “It’s dangerous though.”

At this point hubby got involved…

Hubby: “Baby will come when it’s ready. They release a hormone that signals the readiness of their lungs.”
Him: “Really?”
Me: “Yes. It’s actually worse to make a baby come before their ready. 44weeks isn’t dangerous, it’s normal.”
Him: “Wow, you learn something new everyday!”

Props to my hubby who is actually listening to my lectures! LOL

Jean and her hubs ROCK! Now share this and educate your friends, family and neighbors!

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