• Tiffany Dorris

    I totally agree. One question…will a baby born at 35 weeks,like my first son was, brain grow to the appropriate size after birth?

  • Kelly

    I tend to have my babies early (37 weeks and earlier). But every baby is different. My earliest one was born at 34 weeks, the only medical intervention was to try to STOP my labor. When that failed and my baby girl was born at 34 weeks (weighing 4lbs 11 oz), she was completely healthy, and discharged the following day with no issues. Years later I had a friend who had her baby girl at the exact same gestation and exact same weight. Her baby spent 2 weeks in the NICU for problems breathing and eating.

    Just because some are “ready” earlier, does not make early delivery safe for everyone.

    My daughter is now 9 years old and excels in many areas of life, including academics. She also has never shown any of the health problems typically associated with being a preemie.

  • Cortney

    Fantastic article. The images of the brain size at 35 weeks vs 39-40 weeks should hit home for many moms and dad’s. A woman’s body knows when it’s ready for birth, as well as the baby. Let nature rule on this one.

  • Kara

    I think the important point this gets across is that all babies ARE different and that they all WILL come when they’re ready. Of course there are medically necessary inductions and C-sections. And of course there are babies born early on their own accord who are healthy as can be…because it’s what their bodies and brains knew they could handle.

    Couldn’t agree more with Kelly’s statement: “Just because some are “ready” earlier, does not make early delivery safe for everyone.”

  • Elena

    I’m 35 weeks and where we live anything but hospital birth is not legal. In three weeks we are gonna drive 20 hours so that we can give birth with a midwife…we can only stay for 2.5 weeks, so that means I have to go into labour and recovery between 38 & 40-41 weeks…we’re cutting it pretty close and I wish I had more options. We won’t induce medically but once we are in safe midwife territory I’m gonna do every natural thing I can to get my labour going. My first child was born (via midwife) at 41 weeks and I am worried about our limited window of time that we have for this one. I’m afraid that the baby could come outside that window and we’ll be forced to birth in a hospital.

  • Jennifer

    I loved the ad when I heard it on the radio, until the end. I think it’s great to encourage women to wait but we should focus on just that – waiting! Unless medically necessary don’t get induced. I felt like they promoted unless medically necessary or you’re 39 weeks don’t get induced. I would have much prefered if their campaign was something like marchofdimes.c /worththewait instead of marchofdimes.c /39weeks. I get that they want to educate people on how much healthier a “39 week” baby is but as most in this thread have said, every baby is different! The photos of the brain are based on the idea that a baby’s brain develops 25% in the last 4 weeks of utero but unless baby picks his/her birthday we don’t know when that gestation may have ended; for ex. mom may have been induced wk39+2 and baby may not have been really ready until 41+5.

  • Elena

    What do you think about natural forms of induction (like nipple stimulation)? Is that still considered induction? What about castor oil?

    Here I am over 1300 km from home with our legal midwive (what a relief).
    I’m almost 39 weeks and I have until 41 weeks before I have to return home (where midwives and home births are illegal).

    I would really like to let this baby come at it’s own time but I just can’t go into a hospital (unless there is an emergency) and if I am back home I risk having my baby taken away if I do a home birth for ‘not seeking medical attention’…liscenced midwives that are still practicing risk being arrested. It’s so sad and I’ve been way to vocal about my views to risk pretending ‘the baby came too quickly’ (what many families resort to).

    Anyway, enough talk of draconian policies…I’m in a safe place now where hospitals have relationship with the midwives so if we do need their help the transition will flow with respect.

    So, any ideas to encourage this child to come forth?

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