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VBA2C becomes an Amazing Family Centered Cesarean

VBA2C becomes an Amazing Family Centered Cesarean

Hi ladies of BWF,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do and the inspiration and courage you bring to all the pregnant mommas out there.

I am a birth doula and a birth photographer in New Jersey and I have been meaning to email you  a few times. But recently I have attended an extraordinary birth for this area and would like to share some of the images.

Mom and her husband were attempting a VBA2C. They worked so hard and their hearts were breaking when they realized that their baby will have to once again arrive via c-section. Thanks to a wonderful midwife, the OR turned into a beautiful and calm place to welcome and bond with their baby. They were watching their girl’s arrival, she was then place directly on momma’s chest and soon after they were given space and time to breastfeed and cuddle right in the surgery.

I think there is a powerful message in these images, that women do need to challenge their providers and demand the chance to bond and breastfeed immediately because birth should be beautiful regardless by what way the baby arrives.

Thank you so much and I am very happy to be part of BWF family!

Alice Tracy

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