VBA2C becomes an Amazing Family Centered Cesarean

Hi ladies of BWF,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do and the inspiration and courage you bring to all the pregnant mommas out there.

I am a birth doula and a birth photographer in New Jersey and I have been meaning to email you  a few times. But recently I have attended an extraordinary birth for this area and would like to share some of the images.

Mom and her husband were attempting a VBA2C. They worked so hard and their hearts were breaking when they realized that their baby will have to once again arrive via c-section. Thanks to a wonderful midwife, the OR turned into a beautiful and calm place to welcome and bond with their baby. They were watching their girl’s arrival, she was then place directly on momma’s chest and soon after they were given space and time to breastfeed and cuddle right in the surgery.

I think there is a powerful message in these images, that women do need to challenge their providers and demand the chance to bond and breastfeed immediately because birth should be beautiful regardless by what way the baby arrives.

Thank you so much and I am very happy to be part of BWF family!

Alice Tracy

Sweet Births
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  • jennifer Trujillo

    I just love your blog, and your facebook page. I was hoping to find out if anyone else is considering a vbac after multiple c sections? I have had 4 c sections and wanting to try a vbac for my 5th and final pregnancy.

    • k

      Hi, Ive had to have 3 c/s and have been told with this pregnancy (#4) that I am not allowed to try normally as the risks are too high. No one will entertain the idea of me trying, and cant understand why I would like to try for a vaginal birth.

      • Jenny

        I just got the go ahead from a dr today to try for a VBA4C! I cried. I am so excited. Now I need to hurry and get pregnant so I can have a baby before this doctor retires at the end of the year 🙂

  • No more labor pain

    What a great blog – thanks for the inspiration, I want to start a blog too on labor pain, relief etc. Fantastic photos too!

  • Emma

    Hi I had 2 emergency cesarians followed by a natural. The first I was awake for (my daughter had started having difficulty after I got stuck at 8cm after 2 days of labour that had started naturally at 9 days overdue) my second I was convinced to book a planned c section however at 38 weeks went into labour naturally and was 5cm when we got to the hospital, I laboured for 15 hours then pushed for almost 2 hours before they decided it wasn’t going to work and I had another emergency c section which I was put to sleep for (awful as partner wasn’t allowed to be there for his sons birth) my daughter weighed 9lb4 and my son weighed 9lb6 so I have big babies!! With my 3rd child I wanted her naturally but was told I needed to book another c section which I did. However they didn’t book it till 39 weeks. At 37 weeks I went into labour naturally, when I got to the hospital I was 5cm, the doctor came down with consent forms for c section. However I suddenly had the most awful pains (had only used gas and air a bit) I then started pushing (I had gone from 5cm to 10cm in half an hour!!!) my third child was born a few minutes later with everyone totally unprepared, she weighed 8lb. I tore but for definite it was so much nicer than a section, I healed quicker and I can look back on it and feel happy that I got what I wanted. I have since researched vbac and feel that it should be talked about more and encouraged more, the chance of the scar tissue rupturing etc is so small it should not be that women feel a c section is the safest option when the op in itself has its dangers! If we do decide on a number 4 I would be trying for a natural birth 🙂

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