Rare Cesarean Photos

Rare Cesarean Photos

We share so many pictures of pregnancy and births (at home and in the hospital), but few cesarean birth pictures! I am still in awe at these amazing pictures of a child being born.

Mother, Christina Walker and pictures taken by daddy, James Rachal.

Alyssa Mae was 9 lbs 4oz and 21 inches.

28 thoughts on “Rare Cesarean Photos

  1. How wonderful! How I wish I had photos like that of my babies being born, especially the first two when I was unconscious. Life is a miracle, however you are born. Thankyou for sharing.

    1. Thank you, I told my hubby he had to take pics.. Lol he didn’t have a choice, I gotta admit I love them! 🙂 .. hopefully you got some pics afterwards..

  2. That baby is so BIG! Love the smushed face in 2nd photo! Cool to see other side. Way to go Momma beautiful birth!

      1. I know what you mean by that! Momma to two “toddlers” 9lbs 6oz and 9lbs 12oz born naturally though. Ran across this link on a parenting page and the pics are beautiful. Like another poster said, life is beautiful no matter how they are born.

  3. thanks for sharing these! i’m doula-ing my first planned c-section mama this month, and i appreciate the sneak peek. beautiful baby!

  4. Thanks for sharing! These photos are so beautiful! The photos of my two sons being born (both via unplanned c-sections) are almost the same, but they always just make me sad so I rarely look at them. I love looking at yours! Congrats, Mama!!

      1. With my first son, I had planned a homebirth and when we transferred to the hospital and I was told I had to have a c-section I felt like a failure. I was very unprepared for a c-setion. With my second son, I had planned a VBAC. I was more mentally prepared for the possibility of a c-section the second time around, but when I was being rolled into that OR the feeling of failure just consumed me. I am so happy and thankful for my beautiful, amazing sons, and I love looking at them and their pictures. But, the pictures of their births and thinking about their births still makes me feel like I somehow failed and that makes me sad.
        However, when I look at your pictures (and any other c-section pictures) I am never sad and I NEVER think, “That woman failed.” I guess it is just my own little hurdle that I need to jump over :).

        Thanks again for sharing your beautiful and heart-warming pictures with us!! Congrats on the birth of your daughter!!

        1. thank you!!, i can undestand, my personal reason for c-section for my 2nd and 3rd babies is for loss of my 1st son during birth, i choose to not even try to have a regular birth for fear (even though the other 2 babies were full term) i was/am afraid of having to go thru that again.. in my mind (which might be out of fear out of loss of my baby) a c-section was safer. You shouldn’t feel like a failure… you gave birth (even though it was in the OR) and had a beautiful baby… and you didnt fail.. you succeeded in the most beautiful thin you could ever do..

  5. You are so lucky! They would not let us photograph my c section with my daughter and my husband was only able to sneak in one shot during c section with my son. Thank you for sharing! It is nice to see pics like this, too! (neither of my attempted natural births worked out)

  6. Thats so sad they wouldn’t allow you to take pics.. I made sure I could because I was behind a paper.. And I wanted to see everything! Thank you!

  7. Those are lovely photos. We were fortunate that our midwife could take pictures of my son’s birth. He was a breech baby so the c-section was scheduled and it was a great experience for me. So much joy was in that room.

    Thanks BWF for showing the c-section side of birth too 🙂
    Planning for a VBAC in Feb!

  8. So many hospitals don’t allow any pictures or video to be taken in the delivery room or OR anymore. They are too worried about liability. *sigh* So sad. I’d love to see more c-sec pics too. I’m about to have my 4th c-sec in a couple weeks. : )

  9. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures! Very touching. I was very blessed to have my midwife with us taking photo’s of our birth. I was amazed at how healing and connecting it was to see them during my three day check up.

  10. what an amazing picture set! you don’t get to see that very often. and what a beautiful, chubby face! i want to squish those lovely cheeks <3

  11. My eldest is nearly 8. He was born by elective caeser bc he was breech and 4.6 kgs. I was devastated, I didnt want to really talk about hi birth and its taken me nearly eight years and 2 vbac’s to come to terms with it and call it a birth. I have photos and video footage of my two younger sons, being born and straight after birth, still attached with their cords, but nothing of my eldest. nothing. but a few pics of me holding him the day after he was born. These pics are incredible, amazing and I am bawling, thank you BWF and thank you Christina, they are stunning. I was so concsious of the fact that I always raved over my two vbac’s but never spoke positively about his birth, which is terrible!!! Now he knows that he was ‘up the other way’ and came out of my stomach, he tells his brothers he is special. I should never have made such a big deal out of it all, but hopefully I have turned it around as my way of thinking of my caeser certainly has. Thank you ladies 🙂

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