The Beauty and Normalcy of Breastfeeding: Part 1

by Birth Without Fear on August 3, 2011

As many of you know, breastfeeding pictures are routinely removed from Facebook, while raunchy pictures and pages remain. Don’t worry, this isn’t another blog post to bash FB and their policies. While I do not like it and do not agree, I have accepted that it is their site and we are all using it for free. They own it, we don’t. Their rules, not ours.

However, it did get me thinking. This is my blog, I own it, my rules. So, I want to show you have beautiful breastfeeding is and hopefully this will be another tiny tiny thing that will help seeing a woman breastfeed in our society as ‘normal’. Thank you to all the BWF Mamas who sent in their pictures. They are all so great! (There were an overwhelming amount of submissions, so I am doing more than one post!)

Cassie and her son Davey around 20 monthsNursingBWF Mama: “This was taken inside an old cave church in Cappadocia, Turkey.  The sunlight was streaming through a window that had been carved out of the stone and the entire cave was dark except for that beam of light, where I sat feeding my daughter.”


Here is Radha doing the “C” hold on her breast while nursing her newborn. It’s extra sweet that he is signing ‘I love you’ with his little hand.

Nursing baby

Brenda nursing Frankie in a wrap! Superstar!

Jennifer breastfeeding her son Wesley at 15 months old.

Melinda nursing her daughter Kaelyn, 34 months old.

One of my favorites. A mama who has true problems breastfeeding, still wants the experience and bonding with her little one, so she is using a SNS to nurse.

You can view Part 2 here.


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