4 Great Birth Videos

Great raw home birth video!

This video is so great! Pics of mama through pregnancy, her mother’s blessingway, laboring and birthing with her other children present.

I cried when the mama holds her baby for the first time.

OK, just one more. This one is just…rad. I love how the video is done. You can see pics, read more about the birth and the photographer here.



  • Hailey Nordstrom

    Well, thank you so much for sharing my video of Brynn’s birth (The 4th one)! It meant so much to be able to share the experience with the family, but to see that others have connected with them and this video is really is special.

    xo Hailey

  • verity

    these are all wonderful. the third had me in bits. Every one of these make me long to be pregnant again so I can VBAC and hopefully get the home birth I so desperately hoped for and clung to with first pregnancy. Thankyou to all the mamas for sharing these 🙂

  • Talina

    I have my homebirth video from The Farm on my blog and am preparing to live stream the homebirth of my 2nd out at The Farm in just a few weeks (or whenever she decides she’s ready, LOL).

    I am getting in to birth mode and currently stalking your blog for birth encouragement and inspiration. Loved these thanks!

  • Danyelle

    Thank you so much for sharing birth video #3. It was my second birth as a birth photographer and I had the best birthing Mama to capture. Barker Birth Photography normally has a website, but it is down for the time being as I have taken a break due to just having another baby myself.
    Thanks again for sharing!!
    Danyelle Barker (Barker Birth Photography)

  • Ayelet

    There was a video on the FB page of a woman singing through her contractions. I think it was french – it was just amazing! If anyone has that link, please please send it to me!! Thanks!

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