Mother and Infant Loss in Birth: Hospital and Home. What Does This Mean For Your Birth?

by Birth Without Fear on August 26, 2011

Mother Dies in Childbirth by Cesarean

In March of this year, a Trinidad mother died during a cesarean section due to arteries being cut and the bleeding could not be stopped. She left behind now 3 children and her husband. The pregnant mother and baby were both said to be healthy prior to the surgery. You can read the full story here.

Baby Dies from Mismanagement in Hospital

There are stories of babies who suffer from injuries due to forceps, vacuums and cesarean sections. Unfortunately sometimes these things can lead to death. Like this sweet baby boy in the UK. It is too heartbreaking to write about. You can read more here.

Baby Dies in Homebirth

Many of you may remember Margarita posting the picture of her sweet baby boy on our FB page where she received support as she shared her story. Facebook removed her photo from our page. After 8 days of laboring and requesting to go to the hospital twice, her baby was born still. Her husband was overseas and the midwives were her main support. You can read her full story here.

More on cesarean sections here.

I could share many more from both sides, home and hospital, from all over the world. But I won’t.

What Does This Mean For Your Birth?

I could post nothing but baby and mother death stories due to complication in the hospital, but I don’t. I do not post home birth losses either. Not because I am trying to hide anything. First, no one has asked me to. Margarita was the first and she was welcome to share her story and I re-shared her story asking for more support for her. I won’t sit here though and post stories of widowed fathers and motherless children only due to hospital births, because while it is real, it is not the norm. To be honest, it is not the norm for hospital birth or home birth. It is the exception…for both. It does not make the loss of a mother or baby any less significant or sad. I feel all their stories should be heard if they want them to be.

How does this affect you? Make sure to educate yourself, to ask many questions and to find a provider that will LISTEN TO YOU no matter what the setting. Who will be hands off  to not cause trauma or death or to be hands on when needed to not cause trauma or death. This means that you chose the safest way for YOU to birth YOUR baby. This is why I do not tell women where to birth and why I do not promote unassisted birth, although I have had two. Educate yourself, know your choices and have the right care provider to be there to make sure you and your baby can peacefully and safely birth.

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