Birth Announcement: Primal and Ancient

I received this birth announcement/story via email. It is just so different than a lot of discussion and stories shared recently. It’s refreshing! Thank you Kacie for sharing and congratulations! ~Mrs. BWF

chiropractor home birth with a midwife

I have been following you on Facebook for some time, and LOVE your page, your inspirations, and stories! I am a Chiropractor and Doula and just gave birth to my first baby Luca Vaughn on June 15, 2011. He was 6 lbs 10 oz. It was a full moon, a lunar eclipse and he was born in the Caul! We feel so blessed, and he is perfect! It was an AMAZING experience!!!

We were at home, had a birth tub, an amazing birth altar with pictures, candles, and a beaded necklace made from my friends during my blessingway/shower. I had an amazing support team with my midwife and her apprentice, my chiropractor/doula and my amazing partner.

My labor was 9 hours (which actually felt like 4 or 5) and was amazingly intense, magical, mystical, empowering and exactly what I had envisioned. I would do it over and over and over again!

I feel so blessed to be part of the ‘clan’ of natural birthing women in the world, and feel the primal and ancient link to our ancestors who just birthed and just trusted the process! I know birth choices are very personal, and support all women in whatever they choose for their birth. For me, having no medication, no interventions, and just being surrounded by pure love, support, and to bring my baby into the world peacefully at home, was the MOST AMAZING experience of my life!

I want to thank you for your dedication to birthing without fear… we are WOMEN and we are INNATELY DESIGNED TO BIRTH! Yes, it is intense, but there is NOTHING that we cannot do after we have experienced the power of birth! I am completely transformed, and am SO in love with my baby!

home birth with a midwife



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  • Candice

    This is just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. We are perfectly made to birth our perfect babies. Issues only arise when we believe any and all problems require someone to blame. Death happens. Injuries happen. And they happen everywhere, a lot of times without explanation. And from everything I’ve seen and read, there isn’t much we can do to prevent these tragedies from occurring. Birth at home, in a garden, or in a hospital and your chances are roughly the same of having a good or bad outcome. The circumstances may change, the details may be different, but the situation remains the same in all cases, so why not do it YOUR way? I am not advocating any particular way of birthing here and that’s my point. We ultimately have to make our own decisions with this and make no mistake whatever we choose WILL come with risks – that’s life – but we are able to make a choice about our births and it saddens me the way women are degraded in many medical circles for wanting to. If, for the most part all ways of birthing will carry the same risks, what’s so wrong with doing it in the most relaxing and peaceful way for YOU? After two hospital births that failed to meet my expectations, I stayed home for the 3rd and lo and behold I found what I’d been looking for. We have the choice. I am so happy this mama was able to make it for herself and baby on the first go around. So many of us have to experience hell (or close to it) to realize something is really wrong with birth in this country.

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