Graphic Birth Photo of Baby Born with a Nuchal Hand!

Babies really can birth vaginally so many ways…head down, breech, facing to the side, face presentation, anterior, posterior, and with a precious little hand by his/her face. 🙂

What’s absolutely brilliant about this, is Sarah birthed her son at home after a previous cesarean section after an OB told her that she would never carry a baby to term and she would never have a baby vaginally because her pelvis would not accommodate a baby’s head and shoulders. John was born vaginally with a nuchal hand weighing 9 lbs. 1 oz. on 4-13-11 at 42 weeks gestation!

home birth with nuchal hand


  • Anna

    My sister in law just had a compound presentation delivery, 8lbs 15 ozs, natural in a hospital. The midwife just let her do her thing and her and baby did beautifully!!

  • Morgan Matthews

    Both of my little babies (born 9 years apart) had nuchal hands. I didn’t really notice anything until I watched the video and saw them waving as they arrived : ) Babies really do come just how they need to.

  • Sarah Lynn

    Love it!
    My son was born giving my midwife a high five as she put it. 🙂 I didn’t even know until after he was born that his little hand was above his head. I had a phenomenal (and fast) natural birth experience at the hospital and ended up with just a slight internal tear because of the compound presentation.
    We’ll see if my next one keeps his arms and legs inside the ride until it comes to a complete stop. 😉
    So excited for my home birth in a few weeks!!

  • AnnaC

    My first baby came out exactly like that! I’ve got the picture to prove it(although DH would probably have a heart attack if I shared it on the interwebz…lol)! I didn’t know that was a big deal until now! She was 7lbs, 8 oz, and I only had a tiny tear. It did take 2 hours of pushing though!!!

  • Kathryn Lindsey

    My son was born with his hand up by his face (nuchal hand) as well. Sadly I don’t have any pictures till just after the birth when he was laid on my chest. Thank you for posting this and giving me a glimps of what his birth may have looked like. =)

  • Angelena Donze

    that is a beautiful picture, welcoming the site of a newborn baby earth bound is amazing! My first baby was almost 41 weeks shy by a day or so, both born by the blessed hands of wonderful midwives!

  • Kim Henshaw

    My first daughter was a tiny 6lber, perfect presentation, nothing abnormal, unmedicated hospital birth = 3rd degree tear. My second weighed 1/2lb more and was born with a nuchal hand at home with a midwife…not even a skid mark. The difference in care truly matters in unusual presentations (well, and even in normal ones!)

    • Michelle

      My daughter (homebirth after 2 c/s) was born the same way, and would also sleep with her clenched hand against her cheek.

  • Emily Walton

    That’s funny. My son was born vaginally with a nuchal hand weighing 9lb 3oz at 42 weeks. We had no problems with delivery. He just came bustin’ out like a super hero. 🙂

  • Julie Cowles

    On July 30th, 2011 I delivered my daughter. She was delivered also with a nuchal hand. She weighed 9 lbs 7 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. She was born at a birthing center. I only had a 1st degree tear.

  • Sara

    This was a magnificent day. God truly showed himself to me in the birth of my sweet son. I did it! He’s perfect. What a gift! [The second set of hands are daddys’. He caught!]

  • Kate

    This is definitely a beautiful picture – so amazing.
    The only detraction for me is the gloved hand plunging into the mother, either applying traction to the shoulder or digging around for a nuchal cord. This intrusion can be painful for the mother and interfere with progress. And if they find a nuchal cord…?

    • sv

      I was thinking the same thing…this mama is already birthing a 9 lbs. 1 oz. baby with a nuchal hand at 42 weeks gestation and she has to fit a caregivers hand inside her too?

  • Angie Stevens

    That’s a beautiful image. Wonderful that the Mam delivered vaginally too. My son came out like that, the Midwife called it the Superman pose. 🙂 He was delivered standing up in my bedroom without any need of intervention. Not a single tear either. Just good guidance from an experienced midwifery team.

  • Lauren

    Absolutely beautiful! I am convinced that doctors are women’s worst enemies when it comes to birthing. At least, when there are no MAJOR complications. I was told that I would have a hard time conceiving and carrying a baby to full-term, and THEN, I was considered high-risk. However, I got pregnant without “trying,” carried to 40 weeks/4 days, and had a completely natural water birth!

  • Erin

    My baby was born with a nuchal hand too. He was 9 lbs 9 oz and just as strong as can be. The fact that he powered through the birth canal fits his personality just right. My most vivid memory of the birth was when the doctor who had a strong South African accent said “that hand is going to rip this vagina to hell.” It wasn’t the most confidence building statement, but I had made it clear that I would rather tear than have an episiotomy and I did, 31 stitches!

  • Jennifer

    This was exactly how my youngest daughter was born!! She has and will always be my, duhndunadun, super baby!!! I’ll have to share my homebirth video with you 🙂

  • Jamie-Lea

    My son was born at home as well with a midwife present and with his hadn balled in a fist next to his eye. He gave him self a blood shot eye! LOL

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Picture! My third born while on hands and knees. Her head and entire arm/shoulder was born at the same time. She was 8lbs. 7 oz. and I didn’t even tear! My hospital CNM, just kept everything together so nothing exploded out. She didn’t direct my pushing and she didn’t rush me. It’s all on video and it’s pretty awesome to watch even to this day, 13 years have passed.

  • Lindsay

    I saw this at a midwife assisted hospital birth over a year ago. The little elbow caused a severe INTERNAL tear. The outside of the vagina was fine. The inside needed some serious stitching. Eek.

  • Jamie Lynn

    My first twin was born with her hand on her cheek. I never would have known had her daddy not been the one catching her, because so far he is the only person to see me give birth, plus she was only just over 4 lbs. 🙂

  • Patricia

    Cool picture! My third DS was born this way. I had no tearing thanks to a nurse using warm oils and counterpressure on my bottom and slow pushing! Prior to his birth, I told my husband I felt like something was scraping my cervix with fingernails. They all thought I was nuts!

    • Amanda

      So funny. My daughter scraped my cervix too! Sometimes it made me jump out of my seat! She ended up being born with one arm all the way above her head and the other at her face. She crowned for 3 hours, but I didn’t tear. We had a successful waterbirth at home.

  • Tabitha Wallen

    My 8 year old son was born holding his umbilical cord clamped so tight that they lost his heart-rate and thought he had passed away. His fist was right against his chin, like ‘Thinker’ statute and anytime he sits or sleeps, is right there to this day!

  • Cassie

    Awe love this! Our little one was born with her hand beside her face, Midwife said i wouldn’t have torn a bit if she kept it in, but she was determined 🙂 I also said that i kept feeling like i had fingers tickling myinsides down there lol no one believed me! lol

  • Kieren

    I love this photo! I had a natural birth with a midwife and my daughter was born with a nuchal hand. I only had a slight internal tear and no other injuries. It gives me hope that next time the pushing stage might be easier!

  • V.S.

    previous c-section, nuchal hand, 9 lb baby, that’s like the trifecta of horrors, guaranteeing a disaster for an OB. And it’s just another normal birth for a midwife. Amazing the difference in views, I’m so glad this mama got the right care for her & her beautiful baby!

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