Cord Around Baby’s Neck Is NOT Automatic Emergency

by Birth Without Fear on October 10, 2011

Elizabeth sent her amazing birth pictures to me from her midwife assisted home water birth of her son January 6, 2010. He had a 4x nuchal cord (which can be seen in one of this pictures), which caused heart decels into the 70s during pushing as well as a little passed meconium due to distress.

She says, “My midwife was awesome and very professional. The only intervention was to put me on oxygen the last few contractions. Once he was born, we kept his cord intact and he had no problems breathing on his own. His APGARS were 9/9. He was 7lbs 6oz, 20 3/4″ long and had a 48″ long umbilical cord.


cord around neck

home water birth

I think this is so amazing and not many have pics of this, even though it is not uncommon. I cropped the pictures of just the baby to get one more look…


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