Cosleeping and Bed Sharing Families

by Birth Without Fear on November 23, 2011

I recently wrote this post regarding the shocking, misinformed, uneducated ad with a the baby sleeping with a knife. I asked the BWF Community if they had any cosleeping pictures they would be generous enough to share for that post. 190 emails later and a new Gmail folder made, I had plenty! I shared a few in the post and a few more on our FB page.

Here are more pictures of our BWF Families bonding, cuddling and sleeping. Before anyone leaves an unnecessary comment about any pictures being ‘unsafe’…note there is something taking a picture, which means an adult is awake, yes? Enjoy!

Sent in by Kiana of her hubby and baby Sofie…

“This was about 12 hours after I had my daughter Jude. We had a hospital birth, and at this point the nurses had “shift change” twice and required all the babies be in the nursery for shift change. It took them 2 hours each time to bring her back to me, and the whole time I begged and pleaded for them to hurry up and bring her back. My mom took this picture of us. I INSISTED that everyone leave me alone. We slept like this the whole time we were in the hospital.” ~Lisa

Rachel sent this pic  of Dad (Mike) and baby Alecia asleep on a chair…

Lori A. sent these in. Love how Daddy and baby sleep the same…

Chrissy, Bob, and little Luci waking up…

Katy says, “With my first baby 15 years ago, I spent the first night in after everyone had left around 2am. I remember following all the ‘rules’ and putting baby in his plastic ‘cot’ after each feed. After a few feeds and nappy change he still wouldn’t settle. I buzzed the midwife to ask what to do….and she gave me the best advice ever….’Why don’t you put him in bed with you. He’s been in your tummy for 9 months, he’ll probably feels lonely away from you.’ So that’s what I did! I snuggled him in and he stopped crying straight away and we just fed and slept til the morning….bliss!

This picture is with my second baby who was born 13 years later and is now 2. This was the day after he was born, we loved our cuddles. Although I must admit I still felt I initially thought I was doing something I shouldn’t after all the ‘advice’ from my health visitor. After reading a little, I realised that we are very brainwashed sometimes and many people enjoy co-sleeping and bed-sharing. It just feels so right and instinctive….”

“Bedsharing is extremely important to me, because if I didn’t bed share with my 22 month old I never would have found out until too late that she has a dangerous form of sleep apnea.” ~Alicia

Kristi shares her family cosleeping arrangement here. Top, in the crib, is the baby. Bottom, sidled right up against the bed and crib is her adorable 3.5 year old. She says they all get SO much more sleep this way!

Sharisse shares this picture of her little one cosleeping with dad…

“Daddy (Jon) and Lucie. My favorite picture ever. He still can’t recall me taking it. Duh!” ~Landrie

“My 15 yr old son co sleeping with my 1 yr old daughter! He loves his lil sissy. Dad and I out on a date and big brother put her to sleep for us!” ~Rachel

Thank you Cassie for sharing these (no one is under those covers BTW)…

Sent in by Kari…

“One of my favorites. My husband took it before he left to work. My oldest son just turned two and my youngest was 4 months old.” ~Lisa

“My daughter Aviva at 4.5months old, sleep-nursing with Momma.” ~Barbara

Janeen sent these in. “This is our queen size tempurpedic with a single XL next to it. Connected with a foam bed runner & home made custom sheet. My husband. My 3 year old. Space is Myself. Then my daughter around 1 week. To the side of her is an awesome foam bed rail that goes under the sheet.

*She’s laying awake on a pillow because I just nursed her & wanted to snap a picture before everyone else woke.”

“When my grandma was little she, her siblings and the children that passed through their home used to sleep in dresser drawers, hope chests and under their parents bed. That sounds scary and unsafe to most people, but in England during the war it was the safest place for children to sleep. It’s all about perspective! You can paint a scary picture about co sleeping when really it could be the safest spot, just like people advocate that cribs are safest yet can’t explain why babies pass in their sleep there too.” ~Janeen, BWF Mama

*For more info about cosleeping and how to do so safely, read this.


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