The BWF ‘Hey Girl’ Contest

You may have noticed Ryan Gosling showing up in your Google Reader or Facebook news feed, along with a caption that starts with, “Hey Girl…”.

They have recently caught on in the natural birth community and some even got me to chuckle and shake my head.

I am a huge Ryan Gosling fan. He won me over in The Notebook. I avoided re-posting these pictures, until I saw this one, and about died from hysteria…

Ya, that is pure awesomeness. And funny.

So, after posting one or two, I asked BWF moms to make their own ‘Hey Girl’ pictures with Ryan Gosling or anyone else they want to hear such a wonderful phrase from. I only asked that they were made by them and geared it to BWF.

To kick the fun up a notch, I am making a contest out of it. Vote for your favorite and the winner not only gets bragging rights, but also a FREE necklace from Wild Mother Arts on me.*

#1 by Cassie

#2 by Andrea

#3 by Faith

#4 by Amy

#5 by Carrissa

#6 by Brittany (Orlando Bloom)

#7 by Heather

#8 also by Heather

#9 by Chrys

#10 also by Chrys

#11 by Cassondra


#12 by Najwa

#13 also by Najwa

#14 by Kyria

#15 also by Kyria

#16 by Mindy (based on a true story, just different guy)

#17 by Miriam

#18 also by Miriam

#19 by Dena

#20 by Brooklyn

#21 by Carmen

Just couldn’t resist…

#22 by Ruthie


So go vote now (in the right side bar of the blog). You can vote once a day. Voting begins February 14th, 2012 and will end midnight, February 19th. Winner announced Monday, February 20th. Have fun and good luck to those who entered!

*Up to $20 value.


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