Beautiful Henna Baby Bump, Pregnancy and Post Partum

Beautiful Henna Baby Bump, Pregnancy and Post Partum

I received this beautiful email from SarahKate with SarahKateButterworth and just had to share with the BWF Community.

“I’ve been following you on Facebook and really loving the information and photos that you so boldly share. Thank you for your work to spread the word about birth without fear. I noticed today you have an image of a pregnant belly with henna, and that’s what I do, and I would love to share these photos with you. I’m about to come out with the 2nd volume of my art work: Blessed Belly Blessed Baby, honoring Motherhood with Henna Tattoos.

I adorned this mom on her due date and she gave birth with it on (so wish I had photos of that!) and then I took photos when the baby was 6 days old. Anyway, I just wanted to pass this along as I think it would be inspirational to many.”

I love that she has the photo from right after she did the work and then post partum with the baby.

Visit SarahKate’s website to see more pictures of Henna Tattoos on mothers.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Henna Baby Bump, Pregnancy and Post Partum

  1. Ahh! Gorgeous!!! LOVE Henna Bellies. I want to do that! I do Body Paint Pregnant Bellies! It is such an honor to share such a sacred time with Preggo Mommies. I wish I could have had something done for my pregnancies! Also, BWF, I am becoming a certified doula majorly from your influence. God bless!

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