Processing 2 Cesarean Sections: A Twin Cesarean Birth and A C-section Due to Placental Abruption

by Mrs. BWF on April 27, 2012

I know people hear a lot of negative birth stories that are over inflated. I’m not sure why people do this. I try to refrain from sharing these two experiences with expectant moms, because I don’t want to instill any fears or insecurities in them.

I had a very normal, uneventful pregnancy with the twins until 35 weeks. April 27th I went to bed a little crampy. I didn’t think anything was really happening. I was up and down all night. My back was hurting but I paid no attention to it. It always hurt. In the morning I started feeling sick and threw up a few times. I decided I didn’t feel good enough to take my older to school so I called the neighbors. She called my husband and he came home to check on me.

We went to the doctor to get checked out. I was apparently having some nice contractions and dilated to almost 5. Baby A was well, but Baby B was having some problems. My urine protein levels were +4 and my blood pressure was staying in the range of 160’s/120’s and we went for an emergency c-section. Baby B was Frank Breech.

When I got to the hospital everyone was rushing to get things going. I was wheeled to the OR within 30 minutes despite having just eaten. Once I was on the OR table staff was doing things to me like inserting a catheter, cleaning me, and spreading my legs to the point I was becoming concerned about what was happening because no one was telling me.

The anesthesiologist began giving me a play by play of what was happening. When my doctor came back I felt relieved, because he kept talking to me and kept my mind off what was happening. Baby A emerged from my abdomen screaming. He was held up and I was in shock over how big he was. The NICU team began to check him out. When they were going after baby B it felt like they were digging in my chest. When she was pulled from my stomach there was silence. They held her up for a split second and I saw a large baby girl. Her hands and feet were black and I thought “I didn’t know they did the foot prints in here?”

It didn’t take long to figure out her skin was not inked. She was turning black. They were bagging her to get her breathing. They took her to the NICU. They lifted me off the table onto a bed and took me to another room. Baby A came with me. I was moved again about an hour later.

About an hour after my final move, a nurse was trying to make me get out of bed and walk. She said I had 12 hours to do it. I told her to come back in 12 hours. I was unmedicated after the birth by choice. I was in so much pain when I did get up I began to feel dizzy from it.

Baby B spent 4 days in NICU for respiratory distress but checked out of the hospital with us. I remained in horrible pain for 2 to 3 weeks after the c-section. It wasn’t long and I began to question why they did nothing to maintain my blood pressure. I don’t feel the c-section was money motivated, because I was only charged for a vaginal birth.

About 12 weeks later I was pregnant with an unexpected pregnancy. While it was unexpected, it was not an unwanted pregnancy. I was afraid I would have to have another c-section. My OB said I was a great candidate for a VBAC. So that was the plan. I opted out of nearly all testing. The ultrasound at 20 weeks was the only real testing done. We chose to discover gender at the baby’s birth.

The pregnancy was normal with the exception of c-section site pain. I was due 5/18 according to my doctor. My calculations were closer to 5/11. On 5/1/2010 I began having contractions, but since we had moved 70+ miles from the hospital, I wanted to wait it out a little longer so I would not be sent home. I decided maybe some primrose oil capsules orally might help move things along nicely. So I took two and went to bed.

At 3 am I woke up in some real pain. I used the restroom and got back in bed. I laid there for about an hour in a lot of pain. I don’t know why I didn’t get up sooner. I rolled over and felt like maybe my water had broken and was getting ready to leak. Since one of the twins was in bed I woke my husband up so the baby wouldn’t fall out of bed when I got up. I got up and hurried to the bathroom. Three steps into the bathroom there was a big gush, but it was not amniotic fluid, it was blood. It was such a forceful gush that it splashed so forcefully through my underwear that there were blood splatters on the walls and cabinets.

I called to my husband and told him to put the kids in the car. When he appeared in the door way and was panicking over the blood told him not to worry. I told him that this was just the bloody show and it was OK. I knew it wasn’t, but didn’t know what was happening.

On the way to the hospital I was in so much pain, but couldn’t let on that anything was wrong because my kids were in the car and I didn’t want them to be scared. I was very worried because I couldn’t remember if I had felt the baby move recently. Blood was gushing still. It seemed like it took forever to get to the hospital. Hubby took me in and left me to drop the kids off at my friends house down the street.

I left a blood puddle in the elevator and bloody foot prints to the maternity ward. I was examined and told my placenta was rupturing and we needed to get the baby out asap. The babies heart rate was between 40-60 beats a minute and would fall into the 20-30’s. The nurses were moving me into different positions trying to see if it would help, but it wasn’t. I’m not sure why, but they were putting IV’s in my arms and legs and squeezing the IV bags.

I was wheeled off to the OR and the anesthesiologist said if there were any issues with the spinal that I would be put to sleep. My husband wasn’t there and I was very upset and crying. A nurse took pictures, otherwise I would have none. My daughter was born a few minutes later. My husband was brought in the OR a few minutes later.

The OB on call told me that when she began to inspect the placenta it more or less fell off the inside of the uterus. The placenta was discolored, mushy and was falling apart as she held it. They sent it to pathology to see if they could figure out what went wrong. They never figured it out. Our baby never had any issues resulting from any of this. They said Zazi may be mentally disabled, blind, etc but she is absolutely perfect in every way. She is a beautiful baby with a wild spirit.  In my medical records it says “repeat c-section”.

I feel the first c-section could have been prevented. I’m angry about it. The scars might be all better, but I’ve certainly not healed.


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