Best Breastfeeding Picture…EVER!

Best Breastfeeding Picture…EVER!

Christina sent this into me and at first it didn’t look like her baby was nursing.

Then I opened it.

What followed was me sitting in my living room.

Laughing hysterically.

All by myself.

This is truly the best breastfeeding picture I’ve ever seen.

Nursing at the pier in San Francisco, Kara 22 months and Lex at 2 months.

‘Say what? She’s stealin’ my milk! Not cool man…not cool.’

Have you stopped laughing yet? Go ahead…look again. Now have a great day and anytime you need a chuckle, think of this and thank Christine for sharing!

10 thoughts on “Best Breastfeeding Picture…EVER!

  1. Love this! I occasionally tandem nurse my niece (about 33 months – almost 3 yrs) and daughter (just turned 13 months). Although I’ve never had to BF both in public, they both act like they own my breasts; it’s pretty funny!

    Christine, thanks for sharing such an awesome pic!

  2. It’s cool as long as people realize that feeding an older child will not “steal” the milk of a younger child – mama should be able to make plenty for both. But, yeah, it’s a funny picture and looks to me like a meme waiting to happen.

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