Pregnant Body Art

Pregnant Body Art

So gorgeous I had to share. I know I’ve been MIA lately, but Meagan sent this to me and I’m a sucker for ink and pregnancy, so combined it is stunning to me. She found it on Pinterest and we don’t know the source. Yes…stunning is the word…

5 thoughts on “Pregnant Body Art

  1. That’s me! So weird to see one of my maternity pics on a website. My friend randomly saw this and emailed me the address. My tattoo artist bj shorter of Des Moines iowa needs some props he work is awesome! It was fun to watch my art grow with my amazing pregnant body!

  2. Photography by Danielle Fox
    Model Jenay Baethke
    Tattoo artist Bj Shorter of Pink Elephant
    All in Des Moines Iowa

    This picture looks great on your page!

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