Family Doctor OB Shows Love and Support to His Birthing Moms

by Mrs. BWF on August 13, 2012

 “Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of my father’s sudden passing. I wanted to share a picture with you that is very special to me. My dad was a family practice doctor who also did obstetrics. He had a great respect for midwives and learned as much as he could from them, because he considered midwives to be the experts when it came to birth.

This picture is from the last birth he attended. The momma, Zanne, is my sister-in-law’s best friend, and my dad was helping her walk around the hospital after she delivered her son. I think you can get an idea of the kind of person he was.

I miss him deeply, and I wish that he could have been at the birth of my son, who shares a birthday with this baby. (I have permission from Zanne to send this to you).” ~Rema


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