A Birth Photographers First Home Birth Experience

by Mrs. BWF on October 23, 2012

“I wanted to share this series of images with you for several reasons. This was my first experience with any birth outside of a “typical” hospital setting. I must admit that I was terribly nervous about it! Not only was it an at home water birth, but it was only my 3rd birth to photograph. I thought I was more fearful of not having the “usual” medical attention towards mommy and baby…turns out I was just terribly uneducated, much more than I thought I was!

The amazing midwife and her assistants were SO incredibly knowable and supportive of this sweet family and their birth choices! I was shocked with just how well prepared and equipped they were! Oxygen tanks, medical supplies and everything birth related was wheeled in and mama, baby and even daddy were so graciously and skillfully cared for!

Never again will I view home birth the same! I had NO idea to how uninformed I was until I was able to witness, first hand, the astonishing empowerment of being fully educated, supported and prepared in birth. I had no idea that my original “fears” of at-home birth were really notions that had gone uneducated. I know that every woman is different and all birth choices should be respected…I’m just thankful that I had the opportunity to have my fears about birth brought to light by such a miraculous experience such as this!” ~Debbie with A Full Cup Photography


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