Showing Love and Support to All

I once shared this picture with a great response (and I adore it).

I have blogged about supporting all women in their birthing choices and emowering births, no matter what that means to them. I also recently shared this picture on Facebook

rainbow baby blanket

The chaos that followed was insane. How can I share this picture? What am I saying? Aren’t I Mormon or at least Christian (yes to both by the way). Great, now BWF is going to turn people gay (someone actually said that).

The thing is, I NEVER shared my opinion. I simply shared a beautiful picture of a baby as a gesture that my support goes to all. That’s it. I didn’t take a religious or political standpoint, I took only one stand…to support and love all. Who can really argue with that? Isn’t that the true ‘Christian’ thing to do? I think so.

So, I share this with you to reaffirm my stance. Not a religious one. Not a political one. One of love, understanding and support.

You can teach your children your politics, your religions, your morals and values and at the same time, teach them love. Really, you can.



  • Laura Hickman

    wonderful, january! thank you for posting this and for being unwilling to shy away from the hard stuff! i, too, am a practicing christian, a follower of Jesus, and i seem to remember God saying “I AM LOVE”. no conditions. no “but only if…”. just Love, all encompassing love. you, who choose to love no matter what, you understand something about God’s heart that some others do not. we can only pray that someday they, too, will understand. until then, keep doin what you’re doin! there are many of us out here who ‘need’ it!

  • Gabbi

    Thank you…I’ve been saying this for so long. It is possible to be Christian, not agree with some choices people make, but “wash their feet” anyway. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ

  • Rita

    But it is not loving to keep quiet about what God has said is sin. We can still love a person and share the truth of the gospel with them, which is that Christ died for our sins so that we might be freed from them and have eternal life in Him. 🙂 It would be unloving not to do so. Just my two cents.

    • sharon

      Have you spoken to god personally for him to tell you what is sin? Or are you referring to a book written by men a loooong time ago which no one can either verify or agree on the interpretation? Because if god made everything then he also made gay people & whether or not you personally think it’s right or wrong, I’m pretty sure god would want to be the one to judge not have you do it in his place. I think it’d be more important to try & Be a good person than to try & judge others & part of being a good person is to love & forgive everyone.

  • Dana

    VERY well put, January. Thank you for sharing this! And, don’t worry, you didn’t ‘turn me gay’. Friggin’ ridiculous!

  • Ashe-Leigh

    Amen to that! I’m a Christian too, and I completely believe in loving all regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality or creed. We’re all God’s children, and we are charged to love one another as we love ourselves. I do my best to love others better, because I’m not that great at loving myself.

  • Scoopingitup

    I am a Christian, a Mormon, and I do believe we are born with certain characteristics, weaknesses, strengths, and that God will help us all become who we need to be. It is not my place to judge what that is and anyone else’s life. I believe this life is a tiny spec of our eternal experience, and there is so much more growing we will do after this life is over. Why should any person, especially we Christians get our panties in a bunch about gay people? If we believe as we do, that God is loving and knows the beginning and the end, we can’t assume we know what will happen to anyone else based on what we perceive as their weaknesses or sins but can feel safe and cozy that God will make all things and all people whole. I am not offended by the intent of the image. And I have WAY too much of my own junk I need to make right with Jesus to waste time worrying about gay people. There are some really great gay folks out there. I am sure that God is going to spend just as much time on my pitiful sin as anyone else’s. That is my stance as a Mormon and friend to gay people.

  • Dajovan

    This is just wrong!! Im not gonna debate either. The bible says you cannot mix darkness with the light. If you are a true follower of JESUS CHRIST you would not support this. JESUS wants us to be the salt and the light and thus that does not mean we should accept everything that is sinful,evil, and unrighteous. We all sin; however, if you are living in sin it is evident you are NOT ONE OF CHRIST’S children. As a Christian I can love you but I won’t agree with the unrighteous things you are doing. The same goes for myself. With that being said please unsubscribe me from any emails in the near future.

    • Mrs. BWF

      I am a Christain, LDS in fact, and a true follower of Christ. “If you are living in sin you are not one of Christ’s children”. That is false, b/c we all live in sin and we are all his children. He is the atonement and our way back to the father. He also taught that if you are not sinning, cast the first stone. NO one can. He taught to love…LOVE and acceptance and that judgment is not to be made by us. Oh and we don’t put people on email lists, so I can’t unsubscribe you. Take care!

    • Taji

      Didn’t Jesus hang with the prostitutes and lepers?

      Who are you to say who is a child of Christ or not? Are you Christ’s secretary with secret memos about what God thinks?

      People like yourself are the reason I left the church. Shameful.

  • Melissa

    Love this!! I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I am so often appalled at how my brothers and sisters (read = other humans) are treated. Who are we to judge? Judgement is God’s and God’s alone. In fact read Matt. 5:43-47, and Matt. 7:1-5, and PLEASE tell me how you can feel otherwise. I know it seems like a difficult subject, but a command to love is just that: a command to love.

    There is a lovely song in Mormon religion called “As I Have Loved You”, Imma get all cheesy and write the lyrics here:

    “As I have loved you, love one another. This new commandment, Love one another. By this shall man know, ye are my disciples. If ye have love one to another.”

    It is taken from scripture, and I am pretty certain there are no qualifiers in there. None. We are to love, he will take care of everything else. Which, I’m grateful for because I for one don’t understand everything that goes on down here.

  • Emily

    Last time I checked, I didn’t see a “Christian only” theme disclaimer on this site. If the motto of Birth Without Fear is held up that means acceptance for all. Sure it may not be your bag, but the world doesn’t revolve around you and your particular brand of belief. The Christian thing to do is love. Plan and simple. You can chose to be offended and turn your nose up at other peoples’ decisions or orientations, but remember hate breeds hate.

  • Katie

    People like dajoven is EXACTLY Why I am not a Christian and people like January are EXACTLY why I feel there is still hope for that religion. If only more people were like you missbwf!!!!!

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