Unconditional Midwife Support {Labor Nurse}

by Mrs. BWF on January 5, 2013

This is my wonderful midwife! I was SO upset about being induced with my third and last baby at 42 weeks. It felt like the longest induction ever. This pic was taken after almost 20 hours of labor and still only 2-3 cm. I caved against my desire for natural birth and ended up with an epidural 2 hours later. My midwife was wonderful and supportive of me and helped me to process my grief after things didnt go the way I had planned.

Now I work as a labor nurse with her at our local hospital. This picture shows so much beauty about that night! She is so gentle with all her patients. Picture is from my best friend Melissa with Moments In Time Photography.

Thanks for doing what you do! I love your blog and it empowers me as a labor nurse, a woman, and a mother!! No room for fear!!!:-)

{Jazz in MN}


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