Inspirational Natural Hospital Water Birth with Video {Dad Catches Baby!}

by Birth Without Fear on March 19, 2013

This birth story came to us with a wonderful message thanking the BWF Blog for all it does. We want to let YOU know – you mothers, you birth warriors, you inspiring women and families – is where this all comes from. We are blessed to share this story and the many others that come our way every day.

Ms. BWF,

First off, let me say that BWF is an amazing resource for women looking for information and support and I’m so glad I came across you on Facebook.

An ongoing topic on BWF has been “can you have a peaceful, natural, fearless birth in a hospital?” And I wanted to share my birth with you and your followers to say that YES! With the right team, some research and a lot of perseverance, you CAN!!

On Aug 28th, I gave birth to my son, Jaxon, at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. With the support of my midwife, my doula and my amazing husband I had a beautiful, peaceful, amazing birth. No drugs. No interventions. No pressure. No questions. Just love and support.

I know not every woman has access to such resources, and we’re the exception and not the rule, but I wanted to share my experience to show that it can be done!!

Thanks again for all you do! I hope our story can be more rule than exception someday.


We are blessed to have had two amazing, intervention-free hospital births with our two sons. We chose a birth team that we thought would help support us in our goal of having as natural and intervention free birth as possible – CNMs, Doulas, birth classes, etc. With our second child, we had the most peaceful, natural birth we could have hoped for!

I labored at home as long as possible, leaving for the hospital only when my body told me it was time to go. After getting to the hospital, we were pre-admitted by our amazing Midwife and got to skip triage and go straight to the birthing suite!

I labored the baby down on what our doula calls the “dilation station” (aka the toilet) before getting into the tub. I relaxed in the warm water and retreated inward while my body did the hard work of labor (to the point where I actually fell asleep between contractions while 9+ cm dilated).


I pushed for just 15-minutes after my water broke in the tub as our amazing doula guarded my birth space from interference by well-intentioned nurses. My wonderful husband guided our son, Jaxon, into the world just moments after our midwife walked into the room.


My husband snuggled him skin-to-skin as I got out of the water and soon after, I was tandem nursing my beautiful, healthy baby boy and his toddler brother in the blissful haze of an amazing, peaceful, natural hospital birth.


YouTube Preview Image

Photos are by Taryn Goodwin, Spirited Doula Services


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