I Am Strong because {A story of multiple losses to get to the Rainbow}

by mamabearbri on June 1, 2013

I am strong because at 21 years old we found out I was pregnant with twin boys. It was only a year before that I lost a baby girl at 16 weeks. Not only was I high risk for having a blood clotting disorder my twin boys were identical and shared a placenta.

I am strong because at 24 weeks my water started to leak. For the next 48 hours I had horrible contractions and the doctors wouldn’t give me anything to stop them.

I am strong because on December 20th 2010 at 12:20am, I vaginally gave birth to Wyatt Ward Hidy. As my husband cut his cord they wrapped him up and told us to keep him warm because he wouldn’t live long. My sweet baby Wyatt passed in my arms. I started to hemorrhage and was rushed into surgery to get Twin b out. Hunter Allan Hidy was born at 1:30am and passed away in the OR.


I am strong because I had to receive 4 bags of blood and came close to having to get a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. Losing my boys was the hardest test God has given me, but the most beautiful memory. They made me the person I am today. They made my husband and my relationship so strong; nothing can break us.

I am strong because 11 months later we found out we were expecting again. This time I would be my own advocate I did my research about my disorders and I knew my body and what it needed over any doctor. I did my homework and I demanded that they listen or I would go to someone who would. My pregnancy wasn’t easy between weekly visits, bed rest, daily shots, and 10 pills a day. Without the support of my husband, my mom, and my dad, I don’t think I could of done it. At 36 weeks, I vaginally delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy! Mason Allan Hidy was born on July 17 2012 weighing 6lbs 9oz he is my rainbow baby!

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I am strong because I use my story to raise awareness of pregnancy and infant loss and give hope to women who have walked the path I have; they are not alone!

 I am strong because I share my beautiful story with pride and I am honored to be a mommy of my 9 month old Mason and 3 angel babies!

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