{BWF Self Love Project}

by Mrs. BWF on June 3, 2013

I decided to start a project. Something similar to our {I Am Strong} posts that we share on the blog and Facebook. What’s fun about this is it will be specifically for our Instagram.

{BWF Self Love Project}

We are encouraging mothers to take a step back, stop that negative self talk, and love who they are in the moment.


I took this candid shot of myself recently. At the time, I was hating myself and trying to take a picture that would show how awful I looked. I had been crying and was exhausted. Instead of looking at it and hating myself even more, in that moment my camera showed me what I was not seeing.

Staying true to loving me as me…here is a completely untouched, original picture right from my iPhone camera (with only a watermark added).

january harshe raw unaltered selflove pic wm

I have noticed that the more open and honest I am with my struggles as a woman, that almost all women feel the same on some level. It hurts me deeply that most women are so critical of themselves. I want us to change the view we have on ourselves and that the world has on us as well. I want us to change one picture, one mama, one day at a time.

If you are not following us on Instagram, now is the time! Tag us #birthwithoutfear and #bwfselflove with your pictures.


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