Trust in the Birth Process – B/B Twins {With Photos}

by Birth Without Fear on August 29, 2013

These are my sweet identical boys snuggling in their Moses basket just after coming home from the hospital. Hearing specialists tell you at every appointment what a ticking time bomb you are, and that something could go wrong any day is tough. We were confident in the birth process and I trusted my body, even after one specialist told me my babies would just start to die if I didn’t deliver by 37 weeks.

My husband and I trusted our instincts and let the babies cook as long as possible. With the help of a supportive care provider, and my amazing husband, I had the birth I wanted and delivered them completely unmedicated at 39 weeks! I know it was all possible thanks to the education I gave myself and the confidence I had in the birth process. Have no fear!  {Madaline}

BB Twins 1

BB Twins BFing

BB Twins 2

BB Twins Halloween


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