Facebook Removes Post about Breastfeeding {Discrimination on Women and Families}

This picture and story were shared on Birth Without Fear Facebook and received a lot of love. Unfortunately it was reported and removed by Facebook, even though it does not violate their Terms of Service.

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It is a beautiful story of a mother helping another mother.

{Stacy} I am currently working on my certification to be a birth doula. My third attended birth ended in a c-section after 24 hours of laboring and being diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome. I could not attend the surgery as the hospital only allowed one support person, which obviously went to Dad. I was so bummed I had to miss out on it, but I’m glad everyone was safe. Danielle was truly the bravest woman I had met with how she handled all of her obstacles related to the birth of her previous baby girl.

Three weeks after the birth, I received a message from her mom in a panic saying that I had to call her ASAP.

That morning Danielle had passed out and had a seizure. She was in the ER and needed a test done to check for a blood clot in her lungs. The problem was that the test would restrict her from nursing for 24 hours.

Under no circumstances was Danielle planning on giving her daughter formula. She told the doctors and nurses that she would not consent to the test until she had donor milk lined up. [Insert shocked hospital staff responses here.]

This was where I came in. Her mom asked me if I could round up any donor milk for her and help ease Danielle’s mind.

I still nurse my 15 month old son, so I had some frozen donor milk that I could bring to the hospital. I also gathered up a group of women on facebook who were willing to donate milk for whatever length of time she needed.

I dropped my kids off with a sitter and came to the hospital with my grocery bag full of frozen milk. I wasn’t sure if I had enough, so I offered to nurse her 3 week old since I was going to hang out and help with the baby anyway. She appreciated the offer and gladly accepted. I nursed the baby on and off for about 8 hours, leaving only 16 hours she needed to cover with the donor milk I brought.

She thankfully did not have a clot. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an intimate moment with a mother and her child, especially after missing the birth. I am so glad I was able to help ease her mind and support her in any way she needed!

This is me acting as a postpartum doula/wet nurse.

image (3)

Here I am nursing my 15 month old.

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  • Ashley

    This…THIS of all things got banned??? How can women feel truly supported when we are discriminated against at every turn? I am so disappointed in Facebook.

    On a happier note, this is a beautiful, inspiring story. I am glad to know there are people out there so kind and giving. <3

  • brie

    I love this story! I would much rather have another mother give my child breastmilk, than have them drink formula poison. I wish this were more common!

  • Liz Jensen

    I too had HELLP – he is now 10! I wish there were people like you around so I could have had the support back then! WTG!! and Good for the momma for fighting for what is best!

  • Naomi

    Why on earth would anyone report such a beautiful story? I am due with number 2 in November and I hope I have friends wonderful enough to step in for me if something like that happens! And why would Facebook remove it? Is breastfeeding your own child OK but not someone else’s? Better not post any pics of someone nursing an interracial child, Facebook might get confused and remove it again.

  • Viking Mom

    So, let me get this straight. Facebook can allow unsolicited and unwanted advertisements about “big breasted women from foreign countries” on my time line in which I can’t get rid of nor are they willing to get rid of for me. But, a sight I want like Birth Without Fear is banned? Okay, I am confused.

    I so hope they get a clue soon.

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