I Am Strong {Kylee}

by Birth Without Fear on January 8, 2014

Trigger warning: contains loss

I am strong because when I was 19 I had my daughter Madison Lee. Madison was delivered all natural on Dec 3, 2005 and screamed from the time she took her first breath until she was all tuckered out 4 hr later.

I am strong because my second daughter Marrell Louis was born July 3, 2012 and didn’t make a sound. I am strong because we never got to take our daughter home. At 8 mo pregnant our daughters heart quit beating after the cord got wrapped around her neck.

I am strong because on July 9, 2012 I buried my child, and I never thought I would bury a child., but that my child would bury me.

I am strong because my husband Levi gave me strength and my other daughter Madison did too.

I am strong because even after a year of trying to conceive it hasn’t happened….

I am strong because I have faith in God and if it’s in his plan he will bless us with a Rainbow baby.

I am strong because all though you only see me parent 1 child, I’m actually a mother of 2.

A mother is not defined by the number of children you can see, but by the LOVE she holds in her heart.

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