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The Harshe Podcast – Episode #27: Facebook is NOT Life

The Harshe Podcast – Episode #27: Facebook is NOT Life

January and Brandon discuss the reasons behind moving away from Facebook and all the negativity that comes from being on Facebook. January talks about how Facebook is like MySpace and Brandon suggest she try Tinder, Tumbler, and Periscope to fill the void. Also, Brandon says inappropriate husband stuff, as usual. 

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The Tree of Life aka the Naked Placenta

The Tree of Life aka the Naked Placenta

I was once banned from posting on the Birth Without Fear Facebook page and personally on Facebook for the placenta picture below. I was also warned that next time, pages and profiles might be deleted. There is nothing stating in any Facebook policies that organs are violating any rules. We all know there are many obscene pictures that do violate policies and are never removed.

A placenta though? And a rad one like this one? Come on! That is the Tree of Life. Photography. Art!

Photograph by Seana Berglund

Is that a “naked” placenta? Is it showing nipple? Oh no, a “graphic” organ picture! I think this might traumatize or offend someone who never got to see their placenta! (Note: sarcasm)

Okay, really though, what IS this placenta? What exactly does it do?

“The placenta has been described as a pancake-shaped organ that attaches to the inside of the uterus and is connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord. The placenta produces pregnancy-related hormones, including chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), estrogen, and progesterone.

The placenta is responsible for working as a trading post between the mother’s and the baby’s blood supply. Small blood vessels carrying the fetal blood run through the placenta, which is full of maternal blood. Nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood are transferred to the fetal blood, while waste products are transferred from the fetal blood to the maternal blood, without the two blood supplies mixing.

The placenta is expelled from the uterus in a process called the after-birth.”

Let’s take a look at some more pictures of this amazing organ. One that gave every single person reading this LIFE!

Here is Hillary with her son (and his little feet) still attached to the placenta (seen above) and his cord.


Here is the placenta print for the above placenta…

A very large placenta for one baby…

A very large placenta for one baby!

Fascinating! Examining the placenta…

“The placenta from my son born 8-19-09  11lbs 13oz, 24.5 inches…19 days past my “due date” The placenta weighed just over 2 lbs!!  It even had a true knot in the cord.  The cord was so thick and healthy that my midwife did not have a tool large enough to clamp it off.   Here the midwife is showing my 10 y/o daughter the different parts of the placenta.  This was my third birth, second home water birth.” -Stacey

“This is from my son Draven’s placenta born January 14, 2012. We had prints as well as capsules & a tincture made from it.” -Amanda


Here is a sweet baby boy still attached to his placenta…

After a UBAC (Unassisted Birth After Cesarean)…

Lily’s rad placenta pictures have been removed from Facebook three times!

Taken by Jessica with One Tree Photography

placenta, after birth, postpartum

placenta, after birth, postpartum

Placenta Benefits

“There is also a growing trend of using the placenta to facilitate the woman’s postpartum recovery through ingestion of the placenta, known as placentophagy. The placenta is incredibly nutritious and contains many of the vitamins, minerals and hormones that a mother’s body needs to adequately recover from the pregnancy and birth. Women who take part in this practice feel that they have a faster recovery from the pregnancy and birth, have more energy and increased milk production, and often do not experience any postnatal mood instability such as the “baby blues,” or postpartum depression.”

*Thank you to all the Birth Without Fear Moms who sent in placenta pictures!

33 Comments to Never Make to a Pregnant Woman

33 Comments to Never Make to a Pregnant Woman

pregnancy, 33 things not to say, pregnant, After recently reposting 10 Stupid Things You Never Want to Say to a Pregnant Mama on Facebook, we received a flood of comments of more stupid things you never want to say to a pregnant mama. If you are pregnant, pass this on to all the non-pregnant people in your life. It just might save their life…or at the very least help them avoid a throat punch!

1.) “You’re huge. You should probably have a c-section.”

2.) “You’re really small. Have you stopped eating? That’s not good for the baby.”

3.) “Your plans for a VBAC might not happen, so why not just plan for a c-section now?”

4.) Anything said when accompanied by unsolicited belly rubs.

5.) “How are feeling? How are you feeling? How are you feeling? How are you feeling…” until you die.

6.) Boss to pregnant employee: “We NEED to get better birth control on our health care plan.”

7.) “Are you sure it’s only one?”

8.) “An early miscarriage is just like a heavy period.”

9.) If you have more than one or two kids: “Do you know where babies come from?” or “Do you know what causes that?”

10.) “Good luck!”

11.) “You still have three weeks left? That must be a big baby!”

12.) “You’re going to regret not being in the hospital when you want that epidural!”

13.) “Is your husband getting snipped after this one?” or “Are you getting your tubes tied after this one?”

14.) “Do you know how much that’s gonna hurt?”

15.) “You’re having a home birth? I wouldn’t want to put my baby in danger like that.”

16.) “You must be hormonal.”

17.) “You don’t get a trophy for having a natural birth.”

18.) “You haven’t had that baby yet?”

19.) If you tell someone you’re post dates: “Is the baby okay? It can die in there if it’s been in too long!”

pregnancy, pregnant, birth, 20.) “You should breastfeed to lose weight.”

21.) If pregnant with an older child: “Wow! Your pregnancy must be an ‘Oops’!”

22.) “Are you trying for a boy?” or “Are you trying for a girl?”

23.) “Will your doctor ‘let’ you do that?”

24.) “Did you plan to have another one?”

25.) After telling someone you’re having a home birth: “I’ll pray for you.”

26.) If telling someone you’re having a home birth: “I have a cousin/aunt/sister who died during a home birth so you shouldn’t try it.” or “I heard about someone’s cousin/aunt/sister who died during a home birth so you shouldn’t try it.”

27.) If you have more than two kids: “Don’t you have TV/cable/satellite?”

28.) “Another boy/girl? You must be disappointed.”

29.) “Pregnancy isn’t a license to eat whatever you want.”

30.) “You should quit while you’re ahead.”

31.) “I noticed you were putting on weight.”

32.) “How do you plan to feed your baby?”

33.) “When will you go back to work?”

Thank you to all the Birth Without Fear readers for these comments!

Photos submitted by Nicole Diele and Shaamya Dishner. 


An Open Letter to Birth Without Fear

An Open Letter to Birth Without Fear

At Birth Without Fear, we receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Many of them are birth stories, to which we say: squeee! Some of them are spam, to which we say: didn’t I create a filter for you? Some of them are hate mail, to which we say: Thank you for your feedback? And, also, I know I created a filter for you! And every once in a while, we get a beautiful prose piece from someone whose life has been changed by Birth Without Fear. Our response to this one is: silent awe. We are absolutely speechless with gratitude for the words that Brie H. from Cincinnati, Ohio, has shared with us.



I would like to personally thank you for the movement you have set in motion in our country, and around the world.  You have inspired and moved HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS!  How amazing is that to think about?  When we are young, so many of us don’t know what we want to do with our lives, but we know we somehow want to make a difference.  Well girl, you’ve done just that.  You will be able to look back over your life and know that you made the world a better place.  You changed something, and something HUGE.  You, January, have made a positive difference and moved mountains for people you have never even met.  You fight for us, and give us a voice that we never knew we had.  You, and the other wonderful people behind Birth Without Fear, have given us an education on our rights that we may never have had without you.  You have changed birthing outcomes and improved lives of women, families, and babies all around the world in doing so.  WHAT AN AMAZING IMPACT!

I want you to know that I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made for me.  You have sacrificed time that you will never get back with your families, your husband, your children, your friends, and yourself, so that I know my rights.  So that I can be happy and have the best birth, pregnancy, and family life that I can humanly have.  January, I will never fully understand the frustration you must feel when you see that we aren’t supporting each other, or loving each other, or aren’t showing you and the entire BWF family the gratitude you deserve.  You have done everything for us, and have only shown us love, support and acceptance.

I would, above all else, like to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for the journey you took to bring us Birth Without Fear.  Thank you for the sacrifices you have made.  Thank you for the tears you have cried, the time you will never get back, and any hurt your hearts have felt in the process of making my life better.  I want you to know that you have made a difference, and none of it has been in vein.  I want you to know that I wish you every bit of happiness and joy this life has to offer, because you and your families have made my life so much easier and better because of the sacrifices you’ve made in the name of Birth Without Fear.

One day, I hope to be able to meet you, January.  I hope I have the ability to hug you, and tell you “thank you”, face-to-face, because you have made such a difference in my life.  I thank you with all of my heart, and I thank you from the rest of the BWF community who sometimes forget what you have given up to help all of us.

Sending so much love,

Brie Hammer
Cincinnati, Ohio


Aw, shucks.

right back at ya babe copy

Facebook Removes Post about Breastfeeding {Discrimination on Women and Families}

Facebook Removes Post about Breastfeeding {Discrimination on Women and Families}

This picture and story were shared on Birth Without Fear Facebook and received a lot of love. Unfortunately it was reported and removed by Facebook, even though it does not violate their Terms of Service.

tweet facebook

It is a beautiful story of a mother helping another mother.

{Stacy} I am currently working on my certification to be a birth doula. My third attended birth ended in a c-section after 24 hours of laboring and being diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome. I could not attend the surgery as the hospital only allowed one support person, which obviously went to Dad. I was so bummed I had to miss out on it, but I’m glad everyone was safe. Danielle was truly the bravest woman I had met with how she handled all of her obstacles related to the birth of her previous baby girl.

Three weeks after the birth, I received a message from her mom in a panic saying that I had to call her ASAP.

That morning Danielle had passed out and had a seizure. She was in the ER and needed a test done to check for a blood clot in her lungs. The problem was that the test would restrict her from nursing for 24 hours.

Under no circumstances was Danielle planning on giving her daughter formula. She told the doctors and nurses that she would not consent to the test until she had donor milk lined up. [Insert shocked hospital staff responses here.]

This was where I came in. Her mom asked me if I could round up any donor milk for her and help ease Danielle’s mind.

I still nurse my 15 month old son, so I had some frozen donor milk that I could bring to the hospital. I also gathered up a group of women on facebook who were willing to donate milk for whatever length of time she needed.

I dropped my kids off with a sitter and came to the hospital with my grocery bag full of frozen milk. I wasn’t sure if I had enough, so I offered to nurse her 3 week old since I was going to hang out and help with the baby anyway. She appreciated the offer and gladly accepted. I nursed the baby on and off for about 8 hours, leaving only 16 hours she needed to cover with the donor milk I brought.

She thankfully did not have a clot. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an intimate moment with a mother and her child, especially after missing the birth. I am so glad I was able to help ease her mind and support her in any way she needed!

This is me acting as a postpartum doula/wet nurse.

image (3)

Here I am nursing my 15 month old.

image (6)



The Backwards Views of the World and Women {Facebook}

The Backwards Views of the World and Women {Facebook}

We recently shared this picture, sent in by Brooke, on our BWF Facebook page. It was so loved, but within one day it was removed from Facbook as a violation.

What does this violate? Being innately wonderful, beautiful and lovely? Being a girl?

removed picture crop

The child was not naked. We cropped it though, to make sure there were no issues. You can see nothing inappropriate at all. She is loving on her doll.

It’s walking a fine line to say that this is inappropriate because of the child without a shirt on. Should women and girls be hidden away just in case of someone who is inappropriate themselves? Should we be ashamed of what our bodies and our instincts innately tell us to do? Should we cover head to toe so as to give no man any ‘urges’? You see?  Saying that this is inappropriate is an issue to begin with because you are saying something so simple, natural and innocent is inappropriate, but you are making it an issue.

fb removes picture

In no way is it OK for children and women to constantly be shamed and hidden especially with what our bodies were meant to do. Anything natural or instinctual is ‘shameful’ in our society anymore. We fought hard to be treated as equals…now we have to fight to be birthing, loving, strong women. Birth Without Fear has been a target by many hateful people and by Facebook itself. Our posts are suppressed and we are asked to pay. Pictures are shared on BWF, which do not violate policies, are removed on a regular basis and ‘bans’ put on our admin’s profiles. We’ve had hundreds of emails sent in on our behalf with no response. We won’t stop. We are celebrating women, birth, supporting one another. We won’t be silenced by a social media. We are grateful to use this platform to share the blog posts and reach people (millions). We also are diligent in following Facebook’s terms of services. But still we have pictures like the one above removed along with birth, a placenta, or even a baby in a birth pool.

removed picture2

From Apple Blossom Families on April 3rd:

“Yesterday facebook blocked an image on the Birth Without Fear page, there is nothing offensive with that image, thousands of people agree. Permission was given by the parents and by the photographer to be used and shared on Facebook. Please put the image back on Birth Without Fear and reinstate January Birthwithoutfear’s account immediately. It would be nice if you would stop harassing Birth Without Fear, a page that supports THOUSANDS of women and families around the world.”

siblings FB removed

It gets old. Children are found offensive. Or hide kids in case of a pedophile. Well maybe women and female children should start covering in our country in case a man gets an urge. That is, unless it’s FOR sex or a product/TV ad.

fb banned again breastfeeding crop

It’s not a question of ‘what is our society coming to’? It’s a matter of what has our society become? We are already here. Women fought so hard for equality and guess what? We must again. We are at a point where we have to fight to not be shamed to be…a girl or a woman. We have to fight to not be ashamed for using our breasts to feed or comfort our children. To birth our children. To be comfortable in our own skin. We have to fight the stereotypes of pornography and what that is doing to our men and society. So, no matter how frustrating this is. Not matter how intensely I want to say screw you to Facebook or other social medias, I won’t. I will not be silenced. Back me into a corner and I will come out delivering throat punches (virtual ones I guess). That is what we must do mamas. Unite and stand strong. To simply be without prejudice.

***An hour after I shared this on Facebook, I received a notification that the picture has been removed again and my profile is on a 3 day ban. Disgusted by this sexist behavior. Rape and violence towards women and children is not removed on FB all the time, but this is?***

 3 day ban

banned again

And again…

fb ban 2

Removed twice (once today June 24th, 2014 and I’m on another 3 day ban)…

melissa cate ban

At this point, we’ve had too many bans to mention, but you can see more bans here and here. In the meantime I receive emails of pornography and nudity that is NOT removed by FB. It’s time for a change.

Loving Everyone Else While Hating Myself {Updated}

Loving Everyone Else While Hating Myself {Updated}

I haven’t done a blog post in a while. Between speaking, planning our first conference, emails, Facebook, the blog, starting Instagram, other social medias, networking, being a mother to 5, and business owner……takes deep breath… get the point.

But something happened recently and I feel inspired to share. At the beginning of the year I blogged about how we share all things surrounding birth, but in 2013 I wanted to add motherhood into the mix. Part of this has been to share about loving ourselves…every ounce of us. Our weaknesses, strengths, forgiving ourselves, celebrating who we are, and that includes our bodies.

We recently did a ‘loving our bodies’, especially post partum, day on Facebook. It was amazing. So many women openly and bravely shared their pp bodies with hundreds of thousands of people. I thought every single picture sent in represented a strong, beautiful woman. Truly, I did.


We also made a Pinterest board titled “Lovin’ Our Bodies” and Meagan, one of my awesome team members, shared this picture with me…

beautiful body

And I cried. Not one post partum body that was shared that day represented ME. Here I was celebrating all other women, but not myself. This picture took my breath away. I felt this picture was a woman so full of joy and self love. It made me reflect on my big beautiful body that has nourished five gorgeous and healthy children.

See, I have not always been this size. My weight is something I’ve constantly struggled with, but this size…no. Two long, hard years of post partum depression just barely behind me though and I have found myself here, learning to love myself in the moment while constantly worrying about my weight. It’s a delicate thing.

I decided to love myself. To love all of me while on my journey of better health. It’s a daily struggle, but I’ve been doing it. I feel if I’m going to tell other women to love themselves for how they are and if I see such beauty in all of you (I so do), then I need to see that in me. It was going well and then I saw this…

 me at mommycon

Such an unflattering picture. Don’t people know you take pictures from above, not below? In all seriousness, I cried. I don’t mean a few tears. I bawled my f-ing eyes out for an hour straight. Then I cried again later…and again later. I felt shame. So much shame for putting myself out there and letting others see me…all of me. I felt embarrassed. I felt sad that out of all I have and am accomplishing in my life, that none of it seems to matter to me if I’m fat. I know I wouldn’t see that in one of you. I would see all the beauty in you. How you shine. What you have accomplished. I would love you. While I hate myself.

Logically I know this is ridiculous. I’m loving so much of my life and am so damn grateful. But that deep inner self talk is wretched. It has the ability to take hold of all the good I am and twisting it with self doubt until all logic is gone. Instead of seeing a woman who has worked so hard to get to this point or remembering what an awesome talk it was, or seeing that rad necklace, I see a fat face.

So what do I do? What do you do if you are like me…loving everyone else and hating yourself?

I had to think about it for a few days and this is what I decided. Start seeing yourself how others do. Start seeing yourself the way you would if YOU were someone else. If you were talking to a mama who looks like you and has accomplished as much as you have, what would you say to HER?

Would I tell that woman up there in that picture that she is fat? Hell no. I’d tell her how amazing she was for speaking for the first time to a crowd about birth and motherhood. I’d tell her that it was an amazing experience. I’d tell her that her outfit rocked. I’d remind her that family and friends support(ed) her and that many women shared how Birth Without Fear has helped their lives. I’d tell her how amazing she is that she gave life to five children and lives her life for them selflessly. I’d tell her weight comes and goes and that her beauty shines through regardless of the number on the scale. I’d tell her she is amazing and strong and perfect. I’d tell her I love her.

And I’d tell her to take flattering pictures like this. 😉


What would you tell you if you were a friend?


Since sharing this post about 6 weeks ago, my eyes were opened via comments here and Facebook how I am so not alone. Most women struggle with something and their self image is not true to who they really are.

So, I have been learning to love myself and to be honest, I like me. All of me.

I also launched a BWF Self Love project on Instagram. I’ve been happier and peaceful about who I am. Not everyday is free from negative self talk, but I’m getting there. So can you. Join us in sharing your pictures (yes, be IN the pictures) on Facebook and Instagram!

No make up, editing, angles….just me.

full body learning to love myself

Compassionate Elective Cesarean Birth {Photographer’s Point of View}

Compassionate Elective Cesarean Birth {Photographer’s Point of View}

A story as told by the birth photographer, Angela

This is Jessica’s story, but also in some strange way, it became mine as well because I can honestly say it changed my views. As I type this, I’m assuming Jessica is cuddling her sweet baby boy – who she brought home a little over a week ago.

Jessica decided to have an elective C-Section. Why? What? WHY!? Those were the thoughts I had when I heard about it. You see, I have become a sort of birth junkie (it’s true what they say, Oxytocin is kin to crack – you get hooked with just one hit).  I had an amazing, natural birth with my second son (although trust me, it wasn’t one of those beautiful, peaceful, calm, quiet ones that I’ve seen – you know who you are out there & I applaud you!) almost a year ago, and after experiencing that you want everyone to see how wonderful, beautiful, and simply empowering it can be. But Jessica experienced that resonating birth high when she watched our friend Megan catch her own baby in a pool set up in her living room.  So when Jessica said she was getting a C-Section, I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of it. BUT she is my friend and it was her choice.

Why would anyone want to do this some of you might be thinking? I’ll tell you why: Birth Trauma. Some people don’t think it’s real – some people don’t think it can happen and that people who SAY they have it are exaggerating. It is very real and alive in our world, which makes me sad. One of the most amazing things we are supposed to experience as women is taken from us by a lack of education, a lack of support, and lack of belief in today’s society that women’s bodies CAN do this. I wasn’t there when Jessica had her first baby, but what I do know is that it was an induction and it was everything she DIDN’T want but was TOLD she needed. She didn’t have trust with her doctors; decisions were made FOR her instead of WITH her. You can see that it affected her in such a negative way and she wanted to avoid it happening again so much that she decided to have an elective surgery. To me, that alone shows me that there should be no question that birth trauma is a very real and scary thing, affecting the women around us.

When Jessica asked me to photograph their birth, my whole level of anxiety went up.  I of course said yes, and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I couldn’t sleep the night before. The next morning I couldn’t eat because I was so nervous. Not only was I photographing this, I was worried about my friend. I met Jessica and her husband at the hospital at 7 am. She was radiant- she had slept well the night before, she felt 100% confident in her decision and was ready to meet her baby boy. Jessica wrote a VERY specific birth plan. I sat with them while the anesthesiologist and OB came in and talked to her about everything – and to my surprise, guess what they did?! THEY READ HER BIRTH PLAN!! Not only did they read it, but they respected it. They explained everything that she would be getting. How the procedure would go. They talked the WHOLE thing over with her. I was in utter shock. Memories of when I had my first son came back to me. With him, I gave my OB a birth plan and he looked it over and said “okay, we’ll see how it goes” and stuck it in the back of my folder. A birth that tumbled into a ton of interventions I didn’t want followed for me. Oddly enough, just seeing how they were respecting her wishes started to calm ME down.

I walked in nervously into the OR. I had never been in an OR room. I was still nervous.  It almost felt like for me, when you first board an airplane and you’re supposed to look for your emergency exits. Her OB is amazing. He had been my OB a year before and many of my friends as well had gone to him – he is truly the best of the best. She was in good hands. Seeing him calmed me down as well. That’s when I realized everyone was calm, except for me. I needed to snap out of it.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I was told to sit on a chair against a wall a bit away from them. So I sat…and then, the OB said “you better get over here if you want to see this baby”.  I got up and as I did, they lowered the curtain – Jessica propped herself up and then, the most amazing thing happened: James Brody entered the world.

The OB immediately put baby James into her hands and she put him to her chest. They didn’t cut the cord right away. They might have a surgical sheet between them, but they were still connected.  They never once asked to take him. They let them have their moment. They were able to look at each other and get to know each other face to face now.  She was able to start breast feeding as soon as she wanted to. Her husband was able to meet his son in his wife’s arms. There was no “hey this is your baby now we’re going to go wrap them up in a million blankets and put them near your head for a quick picture and then you can hold them later.”After a while the midwife asked if she could get the baby’s vitals and Jessica obliged – still beaming. Nothing was done that Jessica wasn’t aware of, or that wasn’t what she wanted. I can honestly say, with tears coming to my eyes as I’m reminiscing: it was a beautiful birth.







I never thought a cesarean section could be so lovely. My wish is that if a c-section is necessary that it would be just like hers.  It’s not something that I would personally want….but, I haven’t been through what she’s been through. What I learned through all of this is we can’t judge.  We can only support.  I support women making a decision on their own. For being educated, supported, and believed in. That they get the kind of birth THEY want. I cannot support someone making the decision for you – someone telling you this has to happen and you just simply saying “okay”.  Jessica’s first time around didn’t go at all how she planned. This time it did. She made a decision knowing all the facts. She was not TOLD she was going to have to do something she didn’t want to do. She had support, she had a birth team who advised her of the risks, but who also understood her history and tried to make it right the second time around.  What I want is for every woman’s first birth to be their best birth. For caring medical teams who understand what birth means for a woman. How empowering it is meant to be no matter where: your bed at home, a birth pool in your dining room, a hospital room, or an operating table.

One Month w/o Facebook. Now What?

One Month w/o Facebook. Now What?

Today marks one month I left Facebook. All I can say is…it has been peaceful. My life calmed way down when I removed the chaos of updates, answering questions, moderating comments, etc. In that month, we’ve been posting a lot more on the blog and sharing on Pinterest. It has been fun, actually. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Many of you miss the presence of BWF on Facebook because it’s your ‘go to’ place to see what’s new and happening and I get that. A few of you have emailed saying you were inspired to leave the drama of FB behind or cut way back to focus more on you and your family. Love that.

After removing myself (read: becoming unattached), I have been able to ponder and pray about the role BWF has in my life and in yours, and the role FB has for BWF {and again, for all of you}.

I will remain off FB…personally. I just do not have room in my life for it. My health, faith, kids, business and blog are my focus. However, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing {something I’m working on}. Many blogs and businesses have social media pages they let others run. We have some awesome ladies helping with the BWF Blog now and we have a few who are willing to help with BWF Facebook. We will share posts again and they will simply keep an eye and moderate, while I will remain over here at the blog. {Except Sundays…we will always take Sundays off! Need to ensure a day of rest.}


So if you need me, I’ll be blogging, pinning on Pinterest or checking my email. I appreciate all of our readers so very much. Many of you have unconditionally supported me and BWF by continuing to read the blog, commenting on Pinterest, and sharing blog posts. Thank you for your mututal respect and support! That’s what it’s all about.


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