One Month w/o Facebook. Now What?

Today marks one month I left Facebook. All I can say is…it has been peaceful. My life calmed way down when I removed the chaos of updates, answering questions, moderating comments, etc. In that month, we’ve been posting a lot more on the blog and sharing on Pinterest. It has been fun, actually. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Many of you miss the presence of BWF on Facebook because it’s your ‘go to’ place to see what’s new and happening and I get that. A few of you have emailed saying you were inspired to leave the drama of FB behind or cut way back to focus more on you and your family. Love that.

After removing myself (read: becoming unattached), I have been able to ponder and pray about the role BWF has in my life and in yours, and the role FB has for BWF {and again, for all of you}.

I will remain off FB…personally. I just do not have room in my life for it. My health, faith, kids, business and blog are my focus. However, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing {something I’m working on}. Many blogs and businesses have social media pages they let others run. We have some awesome ladies helping with the BWF Blog now and we have a few who are willing to help with BWF Facebook. We will share posts again and they will simply keep an eye and moderate, while I will remain over here at the blog. {Except Sundays…we will always take Sundays off! Need to ensure a day of rest.}


So if you need me, I’ll be blogging, pinning on Pinterest or checking my email. I appreciate all of our readers so very much. Many of you have unconditionally supported me and BWF by continuing to read the blog, commenting on Pinterest, and sharing blog posts. Thank you for your mututal respect and support! That’s what it’s all about.



  • Audrey


    Thank you! From the bottom of this SAHM’s heart, thank you. I love the blog, I love Pinterest, but I SO miss BWF on facebook. Thank you for thinking about yourself first, because you are the amazing lady who made all of this happen, and you are precious. Thank you, also, for compromise. Thank you (and I miss you!)


  • Christene

    I do also miss seeing bwf on Face book, but I agree with you. You need to do what is right for your self, faith, and family. I do spend way to much time on here, and I get on about m-f and try to stay off on the weekends. I am due with baby #2 in December, docs say the 27th, I am hoping since this is baby #2 that he will decide to come a few days early, so I can share him with the family during Christmas. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the mom’s that have home births. and also doing there best to support breast feeding. I just enjoy every thing I have seen posted by your group.

  • Amy Black Bear

    January and family!!!!!!,

    I was just talking about finally getting time to see what was up with you and how you were doing, I have your blog and stuff book marked but have been so swamped with my family and school that I really have not had time for anything else, even facebook has taken a back seat for me and facebook is where all my support is. I really miss you around facebook but hope that I will eventually find a balance so that I can keep up with you through your blog. I am still trying to get my drivers license (sadly failed the test twice) and am going to try sensa to help me loose weight.

  • Manuela

    Dear Mrs. BWF,

    I found your blog a few months ago through a friend on facebook and I do miss seing your posts there. They were some sort of reminder for me to come and check out the blog for new articles every day. But I totally understand why you have pulled off from it.
    Social networks are not always a place where people will just share something and let a respectful and interesting discussion take place.
    I have had that experience sometimes on facebook in the past, but a couple of days ago somebody reminded me of that again.
    People sometimes take these places too seriously, too personally and too far. They will take it to the point of wanting to read things quickly as to respond to a maximum of comments, but also to the point of not reading things and thinking carefully when they reply.
    I just wanted to say well done in thinking about yourself and what you needed first and then trying to find a compromise for your readers.
    I have been meaning to post a thank you comment here for a while, but always postponed doing it because of being too busy.
    Your blog is inspiring, beautiful, open to all, plenty of ideas, full of loving people and families.
    I am thankful you have created this place.
    I am pregnant, 28 weeks along, I live in France. I am hoping to have a water-birth in the maternity. It will all depend on how the baby will present. My midwife is a great lady, the wisest advice she gave me so far is that we can never really plan things, sometimes nature is much more stronger than what we want.
    My boyfriend would be open to try a home birth but I just don’t feel ready for that adventure yet. This is my first baby after a miscarriage two years ago. Maybe for the second one I will give it a try.
    Whatever happens, I know I will be trusting my natural instincts and will try to let nature do her thing as much as I can, and this confidence comes also from reading so many inspiring stories here.
    Thank you for BWF and keep taking good care of you and your family.

  • Noira

    I need to try to distance myself somewhat from facebook as well. I suppose perhaps cutting it off cold turkey even for a week would be a good place for me to start.

  • Jessie - Rabid Little Hippy

    I recently closed down my facebook page and account completely and got off. I haven’t missed it much at all, just a few pages that haven’t got equally prolific blogs. I am slowly weaning off the computer in general (never entirely but I could do with a LOT less time on here) and I am finding that my quality of life just keeps on improving. Totally commend your decision but I am profoundly grateful for your continued blogging. I am a complete birth junkie. 😀

  • Ryan

    I am happy that you’ve found a balance and have returned! I simply don’t remember to go on your blog without a sweet reminder from my fb feed. I’m no longer pregnant, so it’s kind of outta sight outta mind even though I love it.

  • Christy

    I wound up unsubscribing from everyone on facebook, and just left some groups that I am interested in on there, so now my wall really is a “news feed.” I made lists of people, such as family, homeschool, church, etc, so I can always click on a list to see what’s going on with people, but I rarely check my lists. I certainly am not trying to be rude to anyone, but it’s just too easy to mindlessly get sucked into reading the wall like someone channel surfing. I rarely ever post anything to facebook, so nothing changed there, and I can still easily use the private groups feature. I appreciate all you do BWF!!! 🙂

  • Svea Boyda-Vikander

    January, you rock! I had not read this. Great idea, and I’m happy to hear the posts will be shared on Fb because a lot of people really do find out about ‘alternative’ things (like, um, birth?) that way. The ladies will do an awesome, awesome job.

    @Noira: that’s a great idea! Take the one-week no Fb challenge. That’s what I did, and I just haven’t been back. Life is so much sweeter.

    P.S. Watch your dreams (nighttime dreams) over that week. See if they’re different… I have a theory about this.

  • Julie Stuckey

    I am so glad to see some BWF presence on facebook again! Thanks for working to find a balance. I often repost your birth stories on a Natural Parenting page that I run. I missed the initial post that you were taking break, and have been so sad when your stories weren’t showing up anymore.

    I hope you continue your personal facebook absence!

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