BWF Women Normalize Breastfeeding: Part 3

I recently posted a blog post about normalizing breastfeeding and World Breastfeeding Week. I had so many submissions of breastfeeding pictures from BWF Mamas, that I decided to do a series of posts. Here is round 3.

Breastfeeding isn’t ‘normal’ or ‘not normal’. It just is. It is how our bodies were made to feed our babies. Don’t get me wrong. Iwon’t judge a mother for not breastfeeding…I’ve been there. Most of the time though, problems with breastfeeding can be worked out. Usually latch, supply and other issues can be supported and fixed. Unfortunately many women don’t know where to turn to get that help. I didn’t.

Here are some great resources if you need help getting your little one to nurse:

I love this video! Can we all pitch in and buy a bunch of ad spots to put this all over cable television?!

Now to more BWF Mama breastfeeding pictures.

The following 2 pictures are by Lynsey Stone, DFW Birth Photographer.

Twins tandem nursing!!!

Twins Tandem Nursing

Peaceful and Beautiful

Breastfeeding picture

 Another one of my friend Morgan by Mae Burke Photography because they are both wicked awesome women!

nursing in public
I love this picture. Not only is baby standing to nurse, but mama also has all her essentials next to her on the couch. Typical in many homes, I’m sure!


This is Brittany with Mama Felt Cafe nursing her son Asher who is 23 months old.

nursing toddler

This mama sent in her picture with this, “Me and my daughter before the midwife and assistant arrived. Thanks to BWF I was not in a panic when she showed up without the midwife!”


Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures and stories. I hope to do more breastfeeding posts soon and still have many of your pictures to share!


  • Brittany@Mama's Felt Cafe

    Thank you so much for posting the photo of me and my nursing toddler. It’s not easy to nurse standing when your baby already weighs a quarter of what you do! The other photos are beautiful, I love the surprise unassisted birth one!

  • Brian

    I love this comment. “Breastfeeding isn’t ‘normal’ or ‘not normal’. It just is.” This is so true. It is not a big deal to see a woman breast feed her baby. I am a 45 yr man and it makes me so sad to live in a world where the natural act of rearing a child is so feared. It is a breast and a baby get over it.


  • Christina Marrufo

    Awesome Post! I doubt it would get on national television due to its length but if it were to be shortened i could easily see it! I have come across so many women that say that oh, you must have had it easy, thats why your still breastfeeding and it hurt me too much so I had to quit. Not true! Ive had mastitis, engorgement, cracked and chapped nipples up the wazoo! The first week was HELL and I cried every time she latched on but you know what? You do it anyways. You go to the gym and put yourself through physical pain to get the figure you desire, so why not your babies? When did the shape of a womans body give someone more stamina and endurance that the desire for the best start for their children? *sigh* I would LOVE to see this on tv!!

  • Jill

    This video was awesome, and made me laugh. I never knew you didn’t get periods while breastfeeding. I’ve always been amazed by women that breastfed, but said it wasn’t for me. My view has changed though, and I believe it is for everyone. If you want to breastfeed privately in a room, out in public, or while you’re cleaning house, then by all means, whatever you’re comfortable with. You shouldn’t be judged either way! (:

  • Candice

    My new favorite quote is “I breastfeed in public, but you feel free to eat your meal in the washroom.” I am still nursing my 17 month old daughter and it never ceases to amaze me how many people think it is “not normal”.

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