• More Tattoos, Birth and Babies

    I recently shared this post with beautiful pictures of birth where moms and dads have awesome ink! (Started as a Facebook status update and went from there.) The number of emails that came in sharing pictures was more than expected! Which leads to part two…enjoy. Natalie and Ian… Taken at home with blessing #6, unassisted with my husband and children.…

  • BWF Women Normalize Breastfeeding: Part 3

    I recently posted a blog post about normalizing breastfeeding and World Breastfeeding Week. I had so many submissions of breastfeeding pictures from BWF Mamas, that I decided to do a series of posts. Here is round 3. Breastfeeding isn’t ‘normal’ or ‘not normal’. It just is. It is how our bodies were made to feed our babies. Don’t get me…

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