Kennedy Ng’ang’a is a Kenyan Quadriplegic Who Needs Your Help ASAP!

kennedy ng'ang'a

Written by Mr. BWF. We recently bought this beautiful picture (can be seen at the end of this post). We received it in the mail a few days ago and love it. ~Mrs. BWF

For the past year or so, I have been friends on Facebook with an individual by the name of Kennedy Ng’ang’a, who currently lives in Mombasa, Kenya. Kennedy used to be an avid swimmer until a diving accident in 1992 left him a quadriplegic. Kennedy was told by doctors that he would never do anything productive again. It is common for quadriplegics to die in the first year following injuries like this, yet Kennedy is still going strong… and in Kenya nonetheless!

Kennedy’s father died in 1997, leaving the responsibility of providing for the family to fall on his older brother, who in turn died in 2007. After that, his mom was left to provide for him, living in a small shack with dirt for a floor and no electricity and no running water. But that all ended when Kennedy’s mother passed away in June of this year. Now he is alone without a caregiver and living in extreme poverty half a world away.

Yet through this all, Kennedy has tapped into an amazing gift. He has painted dozens of paintings, all of which are amazing considering the physical limitations he suffers from. Things like a laptop and a wheelchair have been donated to him, but he needs much more help than just these items, thus the reason why an online store was set up for him to sell these paintings.

kennedy ng'ang'aWhat I am asking everyone reading this to do is go to Kennedy’s online store here and take a look at his paintings. Find one you like and PLEASE BUY IT.

Yes, the economy is in a downward spiral and many people have lost jobs, but I know many of the people reading this blog can probably afford one of these paintings. Yes, things may be tougher in this country than they have been in the past. I understand that and lived it up until recently. But even still, we as Americans enjoy a standard of living that someone like Kennedy would consider extreme wealth. So please share some of that wealth and help out my buddy Kennedy.

He truly deserves it.

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