Picture of Posterior Baby Holding Doctor’s Hand While Emerging

A BWF mama sent in this picture of her little girl’s birth (a VBAC for mama) last year. She was born posterior and as she was emerging, her and the doctor held hands. It is graphic, but so worth sharing.

The mama shares,

“My first baby was born via emergency c-section after I dilated to 10cm with just gas and air, he was posterior presentation too but brow first. My midwife was fantastic and helped the doctor try to move him into a better position but his heart rate dropped and they had to get him out.

I knew with #2 from the start I wanted to try again with a VBAC and even tried acupuncture to try and turn her to the right position before birth as we knew she was in posterior too. Fortunately though her heart rate stayed perfect and she didn’t come brow first.

They had all sorts of monitors and things attached, but I think that is a catheter they had put in because they could see I was torn pretty bad and may of needed surgery to repair but I didn’t. The doctor ended up stitching for close to 2 hours but he stopped it! Little miss’ hand was under her chin and that is what caused most of the tearing. Took a long while – 2hours and 17mins to push her out, but I got there in the end.”

*Edited to add this pic of mom and baby after the birth.

And this picture I am adding so I can post this on FB and it not get removed!


  • Jesse

    Thanks for sharing! I too got to push with my first, and it ended in a cesarean for my posterior baby! I’m almost 20 weeks, and planning a VBAC. I love hearing similar stories, putting that CPD crap to rest! 🙂

  • Gina

    What a beautiful picture and wonderful story!
    So sad that our culture can’t see the beauty of birth and the human body. Powerful picture, coming from one who has given birth three times but never observed a birth.

  • Alejandra

    Thank you…. nothing else to say but, really thank you for sharing…only Moms who do their best for their children, who put their babies needs ahead of their own can appreciate and understand such a beautiful moment and picture… Thanks…

  • Anne

    Weirdly my second child was born by VBAC and was also born with his hand under his chin – it’s called Nuchal Hand birth. I also pushed for 90 minutes (not nice was it) and at one point it looked like it wasn’t going to happen because they said euphemistically “baby’s getting tired”. I guess it’s not just the hand that’s in the wrong place, it’s the arm and elbow! Amazing picture, thank you for sharing.

  • Dr. Rikki

    This is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Thanks to this momma who shared this beautiful moment with us and thanks to Mrs. BWF for spreading the beauty so we could all appreciate! Great job as an advocate as always!

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