More Tattoos, Birth and Babies

I recently shared this post with beautiful pictures of birth where moms and dads have awesome ink! (Started as a Facebook status update and went from there.) The number of emails that came in sharing pictures was more than expected! Which leads to part two…enjoy.

Natalie and Ian…

Taken at home with blessing #6, unassisted with my husband and children. ~Tracy

unassisted birth

 Autumn says she could not have had a better birth partner!

Amy sent these in…I just adore the 3rd one!

Lizzie was in labor with her son when this picture of her henna tattoo on her baby bump was taken!

Lashann and her family. Pictures by Capturing New Life Photography.

This is Rebecca and her husband supporting her in labor.

“This was right after the birth of our son in 2009. my husband is so strong and supportive, but a labor nearing 26 hours that required HARD counter pressure for my back labor wore him out too. Hindsite, we needed a Doula, but you live and learn.” ~Abby

Beautiful mama, Jill, and her tatted up hubby!

Kearsten and her growing family.

Ashleigh’s beautiful tattoo of a lotus flower with her 3 kid’s names in the upper petals.

“It is a baby’s head crowning at the center of a lotus flower with water swirling around it.” ~Rachel

Jess before, during and after labor/birth.

Hannah says, “This is my favorite pictures EVER of myself and my daughter. Frances Mae is one day old in this picture, sitting against one of my (many) tattoos. tattooed mama are beautiful!”

Lindsey shares this picture of husband Mike, with our baby girl, Riley.  She was 3 days new:)


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