The Beauty of Tattoos, Mothers, Fathers and Their Babies

A few months back, I posted on the BWF page (after sharing a picture) that there is just something sexy about a man who is tatted up and supporting his woman in labor. Well, that led into a full blown discussion and love for our BWF moms and dads with ink. It was followed by this post and a follow up post here.

Personally, I do not have any tattoos, but I LOVE them. I think they are beautiful and appreciate the stories they tell. The emails have poured in and another post (of your wicked awesome photos) is a must.

Right away we’ll melt your heart with Brandon and Brandon Jr.

Isadora, 9 months pregnant…

“This was right after my daughter was born, my excellent midwife at our beautiful home birth!”  -Edith

Jesse F. and her beautiful tattoo and belly…

These next two are of the same mother, Kelly F.

Brandon and Yasmil Rogers…

Nicole sent these in. The maternity photos were taken at about 25 weeks.

Her husband, Travis, and one year old son…

Nicole with her son at 9 months…

JessieLee right after birthing her precious baby…

These next two are of Linda, Brian and baby Zyler…

Zyler 5 days old when Daddy got his hands inked, “God Bless My Son Zyler.”

Karine breastfeeding her sweet baby…

A little henna from Nikki…

henna baby bump

One more henna baby bump from Kimberly Roberts. Picture by Jennifer Palmer.

Selina birthing baby Finn in August this year in Liverpool, UK.


Mom and baby…

Kimberly and her family…

3D  ultrasound

Kristen at almost 37 weeks taken a week ago with baby Number 2 . Tattoo means Soulmates Forever in Tengwar. Her fiance has a matching one down his leg.

tattoos on baby bump

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures full of raw moments and beautiful women and their families. Do you have any tattoos? Did they change during pregnancy? If you would like to share a picture you can email us at


  • Stephanie

    I have 7 tattoos, but only one of them changed during pregnancy. I have one on my hip of a butterfly and a rose, and due to my twin pregnancy it is completely stretched and disfigured, but I don’t mind – it’s just one more reminder that I carried two beautiful boys inside my tummy. <3

  • c0wbunny

    Beautiful! The breastfeeding picture touched me most 🙂 i have one around my hip bone, two small initials (teen tattoo) that got disfigured because i got some BIG wide stretchmarks on my pelvis. I’m glad it got disfigured because i was going to cover it up anyways, as the initials were my ex and me lol. I see that as life telling me we weren’t meant for eachother anyway 🙂

  • Nataly

    My husband has his entire face tattooed, yet he is the most gentle person I’ve ever met. People are always a little skeptical (and judgmental) of him, but then they see him with our daughter.. and things change.. I sent in a BUNCH of maternity pictures, birth pictures, and pictures of my husband and daughter… I always say ” tattoos do not define character”

  • Ashleigh Swerdfeger

    Gorgeous! This makes me want a tattoo for my son William, more than ever. My fiance has a tattoo, on his arm. It is a Scottish Thistle and is absolutely beautiful. He wants to get his family crest on his another arm. Now I need to take a picture of him like this. <3. Thanks for sharing these.

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