Awesome Video Shows 3rd Stage of Labor and Post Birth at Home

What happens after a baby is born at home?

Betsy sent me her video put together by One Tree Photography to show what it is like after baby is born at home. She says…

“This film is of the birth of my third baby. She was born in June.

My first birth was a hospital birth in which I narrowly avoided a c-section. My baby spent five days in the NICU. We both suffered.

My second birth allowed me to heal.

And my third birth was simply joyful. I’m so grateful to have had the experience.

Our photographer and midwife missed the birth because after two days of latent labor, my body sped right through active labor and pushing very quickly! My husband snapped a few photos of me in transition and then a few right after the baby was born. He guided her out of my body himself! The photographer arrived a bit later.

I’m so proud of this film and would love for you to share it! I think it shows how peaceful and family-oriented birth can be.”


  • Lisa

    Wow. I’ve watched a number of birth videos, but I don’t recall ANY of them making me teary eyed like this one!! I think this is the most beautiful one I’ve seen! Congratulations!!

  • Gretchen

    I get teary watching just about any birth video, but yours was awesome and cemented my need to have my next (?) birth recorded through photos and video! My biggest regrets for my 2 births so far….

  • Kyleen Sherwood

    Wow. Simply beautiful. I watch and read any birth story I can, but this was especially powerful. The music was beautiful and the imagery really made me feel like I was there. I hope that my third can be like this… Good job, mama! You make gorgeous children!

  • FyshWyfe

    I loved this! It made me wish we’d had a photographer at our HB. When it switched into color at the end my tears just started flowing! Absolutely beautiful.

  • Zhandra

    Oh this is just incredible! Holy emotional… holy baby fever! Gosh. The clip of her first nursing brought tears… and then her siblings… I’m overwhelmed! I love it! Its beautiful!

  • Nancy

    Absolutely gorgeous, so emotional. I’m expecting my third in April, it’ll will be my second homebirth and Im also hoping for my two boys to be there and share the experience with us. I’m excited enough as it is….this has just tipped me over the edge! Roll on April!! x

  • Brittany

    I was fine until the end when the pictures were going quickly… then i lost it. congratufreakinglations, you ROCKSTAR! What a GORGEOUS family <3 You are so incredibly blessed. However, I'm sure you already knew that 😉

  • Lynnette Gallegos

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful time in your life. There are no words I can think of that would equal the love I felt watching your story. What a lovely family you have. So sweet!

  • Kellan

    I’m gonna have to share this with a newly preggo friend of mine. She’s not at all sure about what kind of birth she wants to have, and I think this would help her choose a birthing center over a hospital – she’s not at all comfy with the idea of birthing at her apt, which I understand. This is beautiful, thank you so very much for allowing the BWF community to see it! If you do up a written version, I hope you share that with us as well. x

  • Andrea in Alaska

    I love this! I really enjoyed it to the end, thinking of how people might have seen our surprise UC differently had they realized that it was NOT an emergency and the midwife did come and check us out and everything was fine. I love how peaceful the baby is, not screaming and flailing, but gently welcomed into the world. Then I saw the birthday! June 11, 2011 was when MY baby came before the midwife! Wow! Then, of course, I choked up and cried. 🙂 She is beautiful. I bet she is a pretty cute 7.5 month old too. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    What a beautiful keepsake! Lately I have been thinking that there needs to be more focus on the time after birth when there is bonding and suckling and everyone getting to know each other. I love that this video shows all of that. Congratulations on your joyful birth!

  • Rachael

    I LOVE the last minute or two of this video. It’s amazing, and exactly why I want a birth photographer next time.. no matter the cost.

  • Theresa

    Amazing… my heart and womb skipped a beat. Just breathless. Thanks for sharing such an amazing moment in time.
    You are very blessed and you have an amazing family! <3

  • Stacy

    This is now one of my favorite birth videos. It makes me so excited for my upcoming VBAC! It’s exactly what I envision whenever I think of that day to come. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Moms Coach for Life

    Such a Beautifully Inspiring Birth! It is the type of birth I wish for ALL women to experience! Brought some serious tears to my eyes… as I envision my own birth in a few weeks. Such a Blessing!!! Thank you! THank you! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Ann

    Beautiful video! Home birth must be so nice and calm….
    I loved when the kids meet the baby for the first time…. can’t wait to experience that in a few weeks. Just gorgeous!

  • Sarah L

    That was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST HOMEBIRTH VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!!! Thank you for sharing your very intimate and touching experience with us all !!!! You are the epitomy of what labor and delivery is all about !!!! Xxxxxxx

  • Ashley

    Okay, that was so beautiful it literally drove me to tears. You give me hope for a happier, healthier delivery. Our first child was delivered in a hospital and it was awful. Aside from the peri-urethral tear I had [I suspect from the position they told me I had to be in, on my back], the nurses wouldn’t let me nurse lying down with my daughter and when I told them I wanted to cosleep, they told me that was not allowed and that I would smother my daughter. They woke she and I up constantly to run “tests”, even though we had a completely healthy delivery with no complications other than the tear. I hope and pray we’re able to have a healthier, more positive experience with our next child.

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