More Birth, Breastfeeding and Placenta Pictures Removed From Facebook

Sometimes I see a picture that is removed from a social media site, like Facebook, and I understand why. Even if I don’t find it disturbing, I can appreciate how it might be too graphic. However, sometimes I just don’t get it. For example, when I was banned from FB for 3 days for posting this picture of a placenta.

Recently, a few women shared birth pictures in our closed BWF Support group on Facebook. Someone was reporting the pictures, because at least 3 women had pictures removed from our group and were put in a ‘FB time out’ because of it. It is one thing to have pictures viewed by public, but this is a CLOSED BIRTH GROUP.

I did not get upset and I don’t care to try to figure out who or control the situation. What I can do though, is make lemonade out of lemons. There are about 2600 women in the Support Group. Which is wonderful. Sharing these pictures on my blog though, they will be seen by thousands of people. Many more than in our group. So the goal our ‘troll’ was trying to accomplish, backfired. All they did was make me find a way to share these pictures with even more people.

Birth is a normal part of life. Trying to cover it up, hide it, ban it and censor is ludicrous and I won’t allow it. So, if vaginas and nipples offend you when in the context of birth and breastfeeding, hit the ‘red X’ now and walk away! You’ve been warned.

Haylea’s picture of her vacuum assisted birth was removed from our group. While it might be ‘graphic’, it is actually interesting and educational. Most women (or people for that matter) have no idea what a vacuum assisted birth looks like!

“I posted the attached picture to BWF Support, and it was reported by someone in the group. It’s a very emotional picture for me. I was induced (which I struggled terribly with) at 39 weeks for IUGR by my midwives. While pushing, my little ones heart rate dropped drastically. I managed to push her out in 10 minutes and my midwives instructed me to catch her myself. In these pictures, I had taken off part of my t-shirt before delivery for skin to skin. This is me meeting my first child, for the first time, and finding out she had a giant knot in her cord. One of my midwives said she is a miracle.” ~Gail Elliott

“You can see the dumbfounded look on my face as I see there *really is* a baby coming out of me. During the last few pushes I was yelling my son’s name (August) and telling him to come out me. (***I was flat on my back for the last few contractions due to not being able to get him to rotate through my pelvis-it tilts in a little. Going from upright to flat on my back quickly rotated him under the pubic bone and out to me. Not the way we planned it, but my midwives were very smart to use that quick move to help him out***).” ~Samantha B.
Denise’s crowning birth picture was also removed from our closed, private group.
Sent in by Brittany F…
Kristin also had a photo removed from Facebook. She says, “Leonardo Joseph Paul. Born 1:51 am on 4/7/11. Planned home birth, that ended in a surprise unassisted. I had secretly hoped for an unassisted the whole pregnancy. He knew just what I needed to heal from my previous traumatic births, and he still knows how to calm me in the sweetest way.”
This birth photo is another amazing moment captured! This BWF mom shares this, “First photo of my gorgeous baby boy born 36w2d after he was “evicted” due to my developing preeclampsia. My student midwife did an amazing job catching him, she was so gentle and caring.”
Samantha Bryant had this picture removed after it was reported three times. This is one of those pictures where I don’t get it.
Ginger with Earthside Photography got in trouble along with me, for posting this incredible placenta picture!
Melissa’s placenta picture was also removed from FB.
Julie sent in this amazing picture, that would definitely be seen as inappropriate. A water birth, a precious baby, a henna belly and a placenta. Beautiful in my eyes.
This awesome picture was sent in by Ariel. It is seen as too graphic and not appropriate to be shared. I think it’s great and reminds me of the pictures I have of my first daugther’s birth.
c-section picture
“These are the two of my pictures which Facebook is not a fan of. They were both taken by Val Canon. She was amazing. The first is when Amelia Rose was first crowing, and the second was when she was nursing for the first time. I love them both. Especially the second. I love the fact that my breast is like 3 times bigger than her head. It’s so cute. Facebook didn’t think that they were as beautiful as I did, but hey, to each their own, lol!” ~Kitty C.
Then, there is this picture that Lauren Barnett let me use as a profile picture on the Parenting Without Fear page I once had on Facebook. Someone reported it, saying it could be seen as ‘pornography’ and Facebook actually removed it. I still shake my head at how absurd it was. This picture is adorable. Two beautiful, innocent children playing (without fear, mind you) in the water!
I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did and no one will be removing them from the BWF Blog!


  • Lori

    Thanks for sharing! I was wondering what people meant by extending their babies time with their cord attached and now I know! Such beautiful pictures.

  • Courtney

    I’d like to know more about the picture of the placenta in the bowl still connected to the baby. I know that it’s good to wait until the cord stops pulsating, but I was under the impression that the placenta would still be connected to mom while that was happening. The picture is amazing as it captures ALL of a birth- so cool.

    I also love the one of the baby nursing at the breast that’s “3x bigger than the baby’s head”- so reminiscient of my little bean’s first days with me.

    Thanks for doing all this, birth is SO NORMAL and shouldn’t be censored at all!

  • MeShell

    Love the pictures. I have many of my son crowning, and his head poking out, and me grabbing him. They are the most beautiful pictures. I printed them out to put i nhis baby book, and my sister(mind you the one taking the photos to start) said aren’t those inappropriate to put in there. I said no, its birth, a wonder thing.

  • Jennifer G

    these pictures are amazing and wonderful. how people can report them on facebook is just ridiculous. they are such beautiful pictures and amazing xx

  • Jennifer G

    i forgot to add i have lots of pictures of my second and third sons crowning and being born and also after, they amaze me to look back on. xxx

  • C. Beth

    I hope my kids occasionally glimpse the nipple of a nursing mother. I like for them to see body parts being used for their intended purposes.

    That’s why even my 6-year-old has looked at birthing photos with me. It’s a vagina. Babies come out of it. Voila! Pretty cool!

    Thanks for sharing these. 🙂

  • Lynette Kendall

    Thank you for sharing these in spite of the ridiculous people on FB. If they don’t want to see childbirth pictures, then why on earth are they a part of your “closed group”?????? I don’t get it either. They either do not have children yet, or they are jealous that they didn’t have a beautiful birth experience. Either way, it is very immature of them and of FB for caving to their childish demands to remove the pics. They’re beautiful!

  • Ashley

    The sad thing is, it was probably her friends or family that reported the photo. I think it is incredible and absolutely beautiful!

  • Sarah Jane

    Why are people joining a PRIVATE group if they’re not going to agree with the pictures shown? There’s NOTHING sexual about these pictures and birth is an everyday even that we should not be afraid to speak about. Going back to fume!!

  • Samantha

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures! Why this is a debate amazes me. Birth is beautiful and breastfeeding is natural.

  • sarah

    woah, Julie’s waterbirth picture is an awesome picture, its straight from a dream! these are all pictures i’d love seeing in my fb timeline, great moments of birth captured w photos!

  • Sophie

    So incredibly beautiful! The human body is an amazing, wondrous thing. Thank you mamas, for sharing your precious photos :o)

  • Judy

    The body is a beautiful thing, and so is childbirth. If you have never gone thru it you would never understand. If you don’t like the pictures then don’t look at them….

  • Mae Redmond

    Awesome photos!!! This is what we actually go through. It is raw and graphic, and all the more beautiful because of it.

  • Amber Loschert

    I have been following your FB page and blog for awhile and it upsets me that members must be reporting the pictures. Some pictures and stories are so beautiful and amazing I have tears rolling down my cheeks as I read. The above pictures are beautiful in my eyes. I just don’t understand. Thank you for posting them.

  • Jodie Moss

    I am a part of your closed group and cant believe some of these were reported! wow, thankyou for sharing them again

  • maggie lawrence

    Even though I have never had the experience of being a mother and never will at this point, I can truly see what a beautiful thing childbirth is, thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures, shame on face book for removing something so natural.

  • Reannan Keene

    Ahhh….such beautiful pictures of life. I will never understand how that is seen as inappropriate. Thank you mama <3

  • Hollie

    I have a question.. how long does it usually take for FB to remove a picture in question? I’ve had my nude maternity shots on for about 2 months now and I posted about 100 of our birth from our photograher photos all either having crowning, nipple or breastfeeding in them. Mine are not private albums. They are open to all of my friends. Just curious if it’s actually YOUR friends or group members actually reporting the individual pictures?

  • Carissa

    Thanks for sharing the pictures on here! I really enjoyed them, especially the one with the placenta in a bowl in the water still attached to the baby…very awesome!

  • Michala A-D

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. It amazes me people have the time and energy to devote to reporting as offensive something so natural yet our children are surrounded by sexualised images eveyday and no one batts an eyelid.

    • Cedar Cat

      Right!? And you can almost smell their fear as they see such powerful and real images. Women birthing the world, and yes, you. Nurturing you at her breast, caring for you, loving you. They fear the Power-Over that they wield, and fail to grasp the existence of Power-With that we as women possess. Mother loves her children. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of loving birth experiences.
      Green Blessings!

  • Lauren Dootson

    Hey there! They shouldn’t have removed the photo of you nursing your child. There have been issues with this on another page I’m a “fan” of, The Leaky B@@b and Mama’s Milkies. They did some digging, and I can’t remember what part of the terms it’s stated on facebook, but it’s there, that any picture of a child engaged in nursing is not inappropriate and will not be removed from facebook. If they baby isn’t actually engaged at the breast, they can remove it, but would review it before hand to determine if it was offensive or not. It is specifically stated in the TOS regarding pictures of nursing mothers.

  • Den

    I think that there was no problem with those pictures and especially as they were on a birth group! if people did not want to see it don’t go on it! Also I have come across various pages on Facebook with almost naked women.. now that’s pornographic! beautiful pictures by the way very moving.

  • Ann

    I enjoyed each and every picture. In my eyes, birth is beautiful and it should be viewed as the most natural way to enter the world.
    Thank you for sharing and wanting to educate….

  • Michelle


  • Alyce

    Not that I have experienced this myself yet, but just a few more examples of Facebook’s double-standards…. I have seen photos of bare-breasts and simulated sex-scenes on some of my step-daughter’s friends’ pages (they are all over 21, but doens’t matter). I view a lot of them as highly offensive for that particular arena, but Facebook does not remove them. All birth, breatfeeding, placenta, etc photos I find very educational!!!! And wish that facebook allowed more of them… Also when it comes to young children, my younger brother’s ex posted a photo of my then 3year old niece sunbaking nude – both myself and my mum asked her nicely to remove them, as we were afraid of the photo being picked up by a peadophile (my mum was especially concerned, as she works with police officers who have arrested people who have downloaded exact pics like that from peoples facebook pages for unfortunate reasons), but she took offense and blocked my mum from her page. Mum reported the photo as offensive to Facebook, but they did not remove it…..
    What a world we live in…. :o(

  • Kristen

    I have never been through child birth and I think these photos are invaluable. We are made to procreate and everyone hiding all this is crazy. I am scared of having a baby and want role models like all of the women on here and wish I had been brought up with more knowledge and photos like these. The more research I do, the less scary it becomes. It really is a miracle.

  • Sarah jones

    All of these pictures are wonderful. What amazes me is how so many people can be offended by natural beauty especially when sexualized/pornographic images of girls and women are so readily available. It appears to me (and sorry to be blunt) that society would rather see a girl with a penis or object thrust into her orifices than a baby feeding from its mother. Crazy.

    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!

  • Ros

    Wow wish I had photos like this of all four of mine. In my day it would have been unheard of.
    They are beautiful and should be made available for all to see the truth and the miracle of actually being born. Maybe the world would be just a little bit brighter.

  • heathermcc

    i love these pictures! specially the two kids in the sprinkler! we let our two year old play naked in the water all the time and i would be in a rage if someone tried telling me that was inappropriate!! thank you so much for sharing these, no matter the picture they always warm my heart!!

  • Emily Dawson

    I think these “People” on FB are horrible!Horrible because they hate the natural cycle of life,these pictures speak volumes to me!The mothers too,they are sooooo brave!This website is incredible…..Keep up the amazement!Please

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