A Birth Story of an {Emergency} C-Section

Thursday August 29th started out like any other ordinary day.

I woke up around 9am and did my usual morning routine, did some laundry, got gas and washed my car with one of my girlfriends and also went out for ice cream. I made Chris a nice dinner (which please don’t think I’m super wife because I am not. Haha). At around 9pm Chris came home from work, we ate and started watching a movie on HBO called Clear History.

At around 11pm I started having slight back pains radiating from my lower back towards my tummy. I paid no attention to it until probably around midnight when I realized that I just may be experiencing back labor. I started timing them. They were starting a pattern which was still not really anything to be concerned about (so I thought!).

Chris and I went up to bed around 1:30am and even though Chris fell asleep instantly I still wanted to stay up and time these contractions. I started to notice how much stronger they were getting. I tried walking around the house.

Still coming.

At around 4 am they were about 3 minutes apart lasting anywhere between 30-45 seconds long; still starting from my lower back radiating towards my tummy. I woke up Chris, and he jumps out of bed and starts getting dressed. I called my doctor. He told me to head on over to labor and delivery. I got there at about 4:30 am and they hooked me right up saw I was contracting hard at 3 mins apart lasting about 45 seconds. They checked my cervix I was only dilated 2 cm. They called my doctor. I had 2 options, (1) Stay there and be monitored for a few hours (2) Walk for 2 hours and come back to be checked for more dilation

I chose to walk. So since it was now 5 am and nothing is open and I sure as hell wasn’t going to walk around outside, we decided to walk around Walmart. So we did. For 2 hours.

Contractions still steady.

We returned to the hospital at about 7:15am. I was hooked up to the monitors and was contracting at 2 mins apart and each contraction lasted a minute to a minute and a half!

So strong.

But I did not whine nor complain. I don’t show weakness! A doctor came in and checked my cervix and yay, 4 cm dilated! I was being admitted!!!!! (When MY doctor came in about an hour later he said I was never 4cm I was 3.) That’s when I lost track of time.

So, I got my room and I was waiting for my epidural when they gave me dilaudid for my pain. Everyone was shocked that I was “on the floor” as one nurse said. Haha

So I got that, and about 15 mins later Blake’s heart dropped. There were so many people in my room.

So much commotion.

I was being tossed around from side to side. Trying to find his heart beat. I was so scared. They broke my water. Things got worse. My doctor ran in and hooked machines inside of me and they found his heart rate. Even though it was still slow they told me that they will start my epidural in a few minutes.

I got my epidural and they started me on Pitocin. They just turned on the bag when his heart dropped again.

Off to the OR.

I hadn’t even had time to process ANYTHING. I was so numb everywhere and it wasn’t because of the epidural. I was paralyzed with fear. Nothing will ever be more traumatizing.

Surgery started at 11:15.

They cut me open. Did their thing. Pulled Blake out at 11:29. I later found out he was blue, and that is why he wasn’t crying. About 20 seconds went by before I heard him -longest moment of my life. Everyone was praising us in the OR. They brought him up to my face, I got to kiss him, then off him and my husband went to the NICU. I then passed out. I woke up about 20 mins or so later in my room, my nurse by my side. She advised me that Chris and Blake were in the NICU and didn’t think I would wake up so soon.

Blake would have to spend 48 hours in there due to the fact that the cord was wrapped around his neck twice, and my white blood cells were low and could’ve spread an infection to him. They only wanted to monitor him and give him antibiotics. I was also told that I wouldn’t be able to leave my room (and he can’t leave the NICU) until 8 pm that night.

The hardest day of my life.

It ended up being almost 10 hours after his birth when I actually got to meet my son. Chris was so good about it all; I kept telling him he could go to the NICU. But he felt bad that I couldn’t either. He would go every hour for about 15-20 mins. He took so many pictures for me. I cried. All. Day. Long. Until I had him in my arms at last.

He is the most perfect baby. We are so in love with him. The best breast feeder, too!!


Blake Alexander

Born at 11:29am on Aug 30, 2013

Weighing in at 6 pounds 12 oz and 20 inches long.



  • Amanda P.

    This reminds me a lot of my birth story and brought tears to my eyes. I woke up the day before my daughter was born via emergency c-section and thought my water broke and rushed to the hospital. I was in labor for 21 hours before I ended up with the c-section. The cord was wrapped around her feet and she had swallowed some of the miconium before she was born. She didn’t cry at first either but thankfully didn’t need to go the NICU. I love reading all of these stories, I am so glad I found this blog!

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